Monday, May 28, 2007


:::whispering so hubby can't hear me::::: ssssshhh....I'm supposed to be cleaning out the fridge in the kitchen to make room for the stuff from the fridge in the garage. This is NOT how I had planned on spending my day off. I had glorious plans of frolicking around the house in my nightie, even venturing outside in broad daylight in my nightie to water my veggies and flowers, and not showering or combing my hair for hours on end. I thought I would scrapbook a little in between the skipping and singing about the house. But alas, the evil Scott has squashed my plans of laziness and piddling around. :( It's already hot as the devil here and it's time to go through our annual "It's too expensive to run the refrigerator in the garage all summer" routine. So, here we are. He is picking up every single item out of the freezer, showing it to me and asking, "Do you want to keep this?" aaaccckkkk!!! Dang...he's spotted me at the computer. Umm, I'm just taking a little break here, honey. hehe. Oh he's making my life a living hell right now...and unfortunately for him, he's getting on my last nerve. I mean really, do you have to actually show me a partially eaten carton of ice cream and say, "Is this something you want to keep?" No, dear, I'm partial to buying mass quantities of ice cream, eating a few spoonsful and then tossing it aside to move along to the next carton. He's really putting a crimp in my style today. "Do you really need all these edamame, soy bean thingys?" "How about all these frozen bananas, are you going to make banana bread or something?" Honestly, I think I could cause some serious bodily harm to him at this point and no jury in the country would convict me. I'll be back later...if I'm not in jail.


Jan said...

Are you sure there isn't an emergency at the hospital that he needs to tend to? LOL And by the way ahem I would love some of your banana bread.

Mary said...

Is Scott still alive? :)