Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Just Ramblin'

OMG!!!! How freakin' cool is this pink and green house???? Wonder what kind of people live there? Are they hippies? color blind? pissed off at their neighbors?
This was the view, straight down 34 floors, from our hotel room. YIKES!!! I was skeered standing close to the window and of course I was constantly thinking, "I sure the hell hope we don't have an earthquake." Such an upbeat person, don't you think?
Just thought I would put a few more photos up from our trip. It's so bloomin' hot here in Vegas right now that I sooo wish we could be back in San Francisco. But, such is life. I'm glad to be home from work and I'm almost finished with playing taxi driver for the night. Just one more trip in the car and that's it!! Hey, it's the little things that keep me going sometimes.
Love this pink flower A LOT!!!! It was so cold outside and warm in the area where this display was that my lens fogged up and I couldn't for the life of me keep it clear long enough to get a really nice shot. But, this isn't so bad.
I found this really cool old tree in a park and loved the way it looked. And, it's impossible for me to travel to ANY city and not take pictures of fire escapes. I just love them. Yep, fire escapes and windows...I can't get enough of them.
And of course, the obligitory photo of the Golden Gate Bridge again. It's so awesome to see, foggy or not. We even walked part way across the bridge. Ok, I admit it, I got freaked out cuz it was swingin' and swayin' and I could see the water waaay down below so I pretty much left Scott out there by himself. Sorry 'bout that, sweetie.
(popadoodledo actions by Kirsty Wiseman http://www.limegreenbogiegirl.blogspot.com/ )


Anonymous said...

WOW these pictures are really very pretty.

Debster said...

I can't wait to see more. Call me when you have some free time and let's go have some lunch. I feel like I never see you! I miss you, my crazy friend.

Kathy said...

my favorite is the picture of the fire escape. Thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Pepto Bismol pink and Kelly green - Yowza! Only in San Francisco!! Gotta love that city. It's my favorite, too. I'm glad you had such a great time.