Thursday, June 07, 2007

Wiener Dogs

This is Rusty. He's 3 but I honestly think he's going through the "terrible two's". Hmm, now I think I know why I won't be having any lemons this year. I don't know why he dug up that tree, little turd. I was able to save it and Rusty only had to sit in "time out" for one minute. He was very embarrassed about the whole situation.
This is the entire wiener dog farm taken at my mom's. Daisy is the oldest, and only girl. She's 5 and ruler supreme of the farm. She likes to snuggle under blankets more than the others. Charley is the one that looks more like a beagle than a weenie dog. He just turned 2. He's pretty squirrely but you gotta love those eyes. And then there's the little black dog, Rusty. He's the biggest love ever. He's 3.
Here is Rusty doing what he does best and most often. Sitting on the rug in the kitchen just ever so patiently hoping someone will give him a treat.
Daisy likes to curl up on pillows, since she is after all a princess. I love these weenies sooo much. They're very stubborn little critters and they bark like no other, but you just can't help but love them.


Anonymous said...

I love your little dachshounds. They are very cute.

Susan said...

Loved looking through all your photographs. They are inspiring.