Saturday, July 14, 2007

It's an 'L' kind of day

I think I'm being a hog over at HS-MS. I went over to see what was going on and decided to take another letter. I got "L" and the rest is history. I'm flooding my blog with some of my favorite "L" photos. Lilacs are one of my favorite flowers. I love everything about them.
Their color, their fragrance, their delicate nature. Soo many things to love about them. I swear, I could strap a bouquet of lilacs under my nose and be a happy happy girl. Odd looking, yes, but happy nonethe less.
This was a beautiful foggy morning in New England. Don't you just want to live in that gorgeous house over there? I know I do.
We buy ladybugs every spring to release in our rose garden to feast on the aphids that love to chomp on my beautiful buds. I was able to snap a couple of shots before they all flew away for the day. They come back at dusk, when it's not so warm. I love ladybugs, they're such adorable little critters.
So, that pretty much does it for me today. I'm also trying to calm down from the events that came to pass earlier this afternoon. Jeff was in a car accident. It happened on a very busy street not too far from here and Scott and I met up with him as soon as we could. He's ok...mostly scared to death. The passenger in the other car was an elderly woman who was taken to the hospital for observation. I really think she is going to be ok, just very scared and it was so hot I'm sure that didn't help her any. Jeff's car is totally FUBAR. I'm just thankful that once again, my son is ok. What am I going to do with this kid? He's going to be the death of me yet, I swear. I just want to lock him in a room and keep him away from everyone and everything for a few years and then keep him on a short leash till he's about 30. Criminy. What's a mother to do?
We're going to go to a movie later on this evening. We don't do that very often as Scott is usually on call in some form or fashion and he would most likely just have to leave during the middle. But, he's off today and there is a new scary movie the kids want to go see so I think we'll treat ourselves to a fright night. I think the movie is "1428" a Stephen King movie about hotel room that's haunted. Oh I dunno...just getting out and going someplace dark and cool sounds wonderful to me. I don't really care what the movie is. Oh...and I get popcorn. mmmm...popcorn is one of my favorite things to eat.


Aubrey Harns said...

These are all great "L" photos. I love the house by the lake. So pretty.

Diana said...

These are awesome love the lilacs and the lake and the ladybird!!! What beautiful shots.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad Jeff is OK, and the lady too. I can understand you wanting to lock him up somewhere, LOL

Your pictures are lovely :o)

Thanks for your kind words: I'm glad what I wrote meant something to someone, it makes it worth writing :o)

Vanda said...

OMG Ruth your photos are STUNNING. My favourite has to be the Lake although I love the ladybirds too, well, and the lilac. Oh I don't know, I just can't decide ~ lol! They are all beautiful :O) I'm glad Jeff is OK, I tell you they get worse as they get older don't they. Mine worry me to death sometimes ~ enjoy the movie, we're off to see Harry Potter tonight xXx

Jolanda said...

Great L-photos!

Andrew said...

Great blog and smashing photo's, Ruth. Glad your son is ok, too.

Anonymous said...

Fabulous photos Ruth, I love ladybirds too, in fact they are the only flying insect that I can quite happily look at.
I think all mums want to lock their kids up so they are safe forever... I know I wish I could. Glad he is okay though and sending you (((hugs))) for the shock.