Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Troubled Tuesday

This is my offering for "wet" since there is no rain in sight around here FOREVER! That in and of itself is depressing enough but add it to the rotten, no good events of today and it turns out to be a crappy day all around.
My mother's car was stolen from her apartment complex sometime either last night or very early this morning. It wasn't a new or fancy sort of car so someone probably stole it to retrieve some parts or something off of it. I feel so horrible for her. It was the last car she and my dad bought before he died and it was not just her only source of transportation, it was full of her memories with my dad. The police doubt it will be found in one piece so chances of them actually looking for it are pretty slim.
I had a training program to attend today. It lasted the entire day and I swear, I have NO idea what in the world they were talking about. It was for a federal grant that we receive and how to fill out the annual report to continue receiving funding. This was part 2 of 3. I wasn't with the med school for part one and I keep thinking to myself that this must be one hell of a report you have to file if they are giving 3 all day seminars on how to fill it out, etc. Naturally, I felt totally overwhelmed and honestly considered turning in my resignation. I'm new, lost, and haven't a clue as to what is really going on. We haven't been able to move into our clinic yet due to renovations and therefore I'm shuffled from this persons office to another, this little table and chair to this one all the while being given little snippets of jobs to do that make absolutely no sense to me. I feel compelled to ask questions and coming from people who have been doing this sort of job for years and years, they look at me like it's the most easy thing in the world to figure out. Oh....I'm just feeling very inadequate today. That's all. I've coughed so much my poor head feels like it's going to explode with every new coughing fit. So...I'm going to go fix some dinner, eat, and then sit down with some of the 30 pounds of reading material I was given today and try to make some sense out of all this stuff. Tomorrow has to be better...and today could have been a lot worse.


etteY said...

wow! that's a brilliant photo! i love the flower! never seen any of those here in my planet LOL :(

pokettiger said...

Really stunning photo!

Anonymous said...

Aw, Ruth, how awful about your mom's car! I'm sure besides the loss, there's a feeling of being violated. Just too sad. My love to you and her.