Saturday, September 22, 2007

Ever have one of those days?

I've been in such a wonderful mood today and I know it's because the ridiculously hot days of summer are pretty much behind us for a few months, it rained off and on all night last night and the air was so clean and the sky was so blue today. How could you NOT be in the best of moods? So....I decided I was going to declutter the food pantry this morning. Easy enough, it's only 4 pull out shelves. This shouldn't take too long. As I'm pulling things out, I think I should go check out the shelves in the little closet under the stairs where we keep extra food (like all those boxes of cereal that I buy, hehe) As I'm in there I see that it really needs to be straightened up so I completely gut the closet and rearrange all the stuff in there. Oh yeah, the kitchen pantry. Hmm, I wonder if I could put all the plastic wrap and aluminum foil in this little drawer over here and move all my cake decorating stuff into a Rubbermaid container and put it in the little closet. So I'm cleaning out the little drawers that are next to the stove. Ok, now that the wrapping stuff up products are safely stowed away in a new place, I have to find something to put in the pull out drawer where they used to be. I about all my mixing bowls? I pulled all those out and arranged them in the pull out drawer. Oh yeah, the food pantry. Back to that. Where did all these different flavors of tea come from? Hey, I can get rid of the ugly boxes they're in and put them in this really cute huge clear jar that I have. Hmm, that looks good but I don't want to put it back in the pantry cuz it's too cute to hide away. It'll look good over here on this countertop, but first I need to move stuff around. Do I really need the blender out on the counter all the time? naah, let's put that up in the cabinet over the fridge that's way too high for me to reach. Eeeww, the top of the fridge needs to be wiped down, better do that., and hey, that belongs in the cabinet with all the other spices. Dang, this is a mess too, I'd better tidy it up. Let's see....I want all my baking spices and all the things I use on a daily basis here on the bottom shelf. All this other stuff can go on the other shelves. There...that looks great! Now I just need to go put all this stuff outside in the garbage...ohhh, look....the sky is so blue and the clouds are so big and fluffy. I should go get my camera and take a few pictures. Twenty minutes later I make it back inside to continue my task. Needless to say, this sort of thing went on for the next 6 hours!!! I'm just now finished!!! Sheesh, one little tiny chore turned into a huge project. But, my kitchen looks great, and I may not know where everything is for the next couple of days, but it felt good to get that done. Tomorrow I'm tackling our out drawers and such. I mean really, if I died tomorrow the poor person who has to go through my dresser would freak..and I would be so embarrassed. I probably have a nursing bra in there along with 53 nightgowns and various other things I'll never wear again. So that's on the agenda for tomorrow. Not much fun, but something that needs to be done along with cleaning out our closet. Ugh. That is gonna suck big time. I'd like to just chuck everything in the closet and start all over again. I know I have some dresses in there that I have had since 1990. Why???? working on scrapbook stuff today, but that's ok. I'll feel so much "lighter" and ready to scrap once I truly get my house in order. Happy, cooler days are here and I'm loving every minute of it.

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Shannon said...

That sounds like me on one of my cleaning raids. lol