Tuesday, April 08, 2008

She Lives!

I have indeed survived the infection that took over my body. Not that there was ever any doubt that I would, but you know how I like to drag things out.

So, I think I'll tell you about the funny thing that happened to me last night. It was late, and I had been trying to get the laundry done before I went to bed. I didn't get around to doing it over the weekend like I normally do and so here I was, throwing the first of three loads in at 7:30 last night. I was pulling the first load out of the dryer and carrying it to the bedroom where I usually throw it on the bed to sort and fold everything. I was in a huge rush last night and as I was walking into the bedroom I caught a little elastic string from a pair of my underwear on the doorknob and about the time I noticed the resistance it SNAPPED....whacking my arm with such force I was sure my arm had been severed below the elbow. No! I can't make this crap up! It happened. I was happy to see that my arm was still attached but talk about sting! Dang...it whelted up and turned red and ugly for about an hour. Seriously....now who else does this kind of thing happen to??? No one...no one I tell you.


SUZANNE said...

You crazy panty lady! That story cracked me up! So, do I have your permission to add you to our blogging buddies list yet? Love you! Suz

Amanda Cheek said...

ha ha ha death by underwear! Whata way to go!