Friday, May 09, 2008

Happy Mother's Day (early)

This is what my mother is getting for Mother's Day on Sunday. Ssshhh, don't tell her. I made it myself. It has the names of all her grandkids on it. Thank God she doesn't have but 5 of 'em cuz those dang silver alphabet letters are EXPENSIVE!!! I was just going to buy one already made but they were ridiculously priced so I just got all crafty and stuff and made her one with my own two little hands. I thought I would go outside this morning and take a few pictures of it. I'm in my all wet and stuck to my head from the shower and I get one shot fired off before I hear the wieners going nuts. Dammit...the bug guy is here. So much for my jewelry photoshoot. Happens every time. The bug dude can never, EVER come on a day when I have to work early. Ohhh nooo. He somehow knows when I'm home and going into work late and THEN he shows up at my house disrupting my photoshoots and my peace and quiet. Stinkin' bug man. And really, what if we just stopped using him all together? Would our house eventually become overrun by spiders the size of lemon meringue pies? Would silverfish work their way into every book and news periodical we own? Could cities of cockroaches be far behind? I just can't take that risk. Come every month like you have for the past 20 years, bugman and spray that stuff, even if it is watered down iced tea, all over my yard. I hate bugs. And we have A LOT of them here in the stinkin' desert, let me tell you!!!
Kinda got off track there. heehee. So back to Mother's Day. Happy Mother's Day to all, and have a bug free weekend.

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Anonymous said...

happy mother's day

enjoy your day and i'll call you later