Monday, June 02, 2008


This picture makes me happy. Well, it makes me sad too but mostly it makes me happy and I say, "aawwwww" about 27 times in a row. Kris would not be a happy little camper if he knew I was posting pictures from his "nudist" period on the internet for all to see. He was just so dang cute though...and yes, I did indeed disinfect the swing after his little biscuits left. Ok, so maybe I didn't ALWAYS disinfect but that'll come up in their therapy later. Could kids BE any more blonde than these guys? I didn't think so. I'm not really sure what look Sara was going for with the "shorts under shorts" ensemble but she seems quite secure in her fashion choice so who am I to say anything? And Jeff just looks like he's having a fabulous time sitting in the baby swing. Sometimes he would get his little butt stuck in the swing and like the poor excuse for a mother that I am, I liked to watch him try to wiggle his way out of it for a couple of minutes before I would go and rescue him. Oh c'mon, it was funny! Not like the kid is scarred for life or anything for crying out loud.
I miss my kids being this age. While I really do love seeing the people they have become, I loved that place in time where they all still needed their mom and figuring out which "shorts under shorts" outfit to wear for the day, or which swing to put your bare bottom on, or "should I sit in the baby swing and see if I get stuck?" were the only real worries they had for the day.

The swing set is long gone. The backyard full of scattered toys hasn't existed for many years. Sara's graduated from college and out on her own now, Jeff just turned 22 yesterday and lives on his own as well. Kris turned 18 recently and will be graduating from high school next week. And so it goes.

Ohhhh k....before I start crying like a big o' baby.... I have some wonderful news. I've been working two jobs for almost a year now. Today I had an interview with a doctor I have admired forever and a day. I was offered a full time position in the department of genetics and I accepted it. I am so happy!!! Details will definitely follow but for now just know that I cannot wait to tell "evil doctor" that I'm leaving. I really will miss the kids and families I have become so close to in the HIV clinic, but I just have to move on and away from him. This job will give me the chance to travel, learn as much as I possibly can about genetics, and more importantly work with incredibly nice people and a doctor who is so kind and down to earth.
My boss at my other job knows I'm leaving and she's happy for me. Friday is my last day there. It's going to be weird not to go there anymore...I've been there for almost 3 years but I know I'm doing the right thing.

So..even though I have had the cold from Hades the past week (yes, I know I just had one recently) my voice sounds like an obscene phone caller, and I'm coughing like a 2 pack a day life is good.
And so it goes.

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