Monday, June 16, 2008

I think it's Monday

I think I've been in a heat wave induced coma or something similar for the past week or two. Sheesh. Last week was so hectic I thought I was a good candidate for pharmaceuticals but phhhtt, that didn't happen. I started my new job in genetics full time.....YEAH, BABY!!!! of course the woman who left isn't around to train me so I sit at my new desk in my new, huge office and stare at the ever growing pile of charts and phone messages that I don't know what to do with. She's supposed to meet me Wednesday night to go over a few things and I can't wait. Kris, the one in the cap and gown, had his high school graduation on Wednesday night. It's a miracle that he even went to the ceremony. It wasn't something he really cared about, but after his art teacher paid the $60 for his cap and gown he felt he should probably show up...and I felt I should probably re-pay her for that so the we loaded up the famdamily and sat through two and a half hours of torture. I'm glad we did though. Kris was almost unrecognizable to some of his classmates and faculty. Up until graduation morning he had hair down to about the middle of his back. He stopped dyeing it black a little over a year ago and I think he was sick of looking at blond roots. Well, about 8 inches of blond roots. Anyway, he had his hair chopped off and I don't think he really likes it much. My other son, Jeff looks like he's pretty proud of his little brother in this picture. They still won't cooperate with me when it comes time to take pictures, dang kids. It took everything I had, meaning threats and pleas to get them to hold still long enough for me to take this one.
Remember last week when Scott paid the stinky repair man $182.00 to fix the dryer? Yeah, well that worked for one load of clothes and then we were back to no heat. Do you think my husband would get it in his head that maybe we did indeed need a new dryer???? Hell, no. He called the same idiots back out and let me just say that the guy was even more ripe this visit than the last. Seriously, Betina was upstairs in her room and came out, leaned over the banister and asked me, "What's that smell?" I mean it. I was getting woozie, and the room was beginning to spin, that's how disgusting it was.
Well, now it was something else that was wrong and it was going to cost a little over a hundred bucks to fix it. Ohhh, I don't THINK so. I had some heated words with the fella....from a distance I might add (wheeewww!!!) and he had me talk to the owner. Not a good idea on his part, let me tell you. Let me just say that Scott wasn't home at the time and therefore I got to say exactly what was on my mind. I got the majority of our money back....tried to get all of it but he wouldn't budge. I've also reported them to the BBB and promptly yelled at Scott while he was trying to have a little vacation time in Newport Beach. Yeah, I know...I'm mean. But hey, he's on the beach having a jolly good old time and I'm stuck once again with the Mt. Everest of laundry, no working dryer and BO Man.
I now have a very nice brand spanking new dryer and a husband who promised to never call stinky repairmen ever again. Yuck...that stench....had to burn a candle to try and get that smell outta the house.
Saturday was graduation for the residents at the med school. Scott was asked to be their key note speaker and the poor guy spent pretty much all of his two week vacation working on that speech. It was very well received and I was quite proud of him.
We didn't do much for Father's Day. Well, I finished cleaning out our closet and the linen closet in our bathroom and we both super-duper cleaned our room. How's that for a fun-filled day?
We grilled steaks and salmon for dinner and that was pretty much the extent of our weekend.
Always a fun and exciting time for us!!!

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Anonymous said...

I'm so happy for you! Congratulations to Kris too. I love his hair.