Tuesday, December 23, 2008

the eve of Christmas Eve

it's 3am...I'm awake....I've been awake for over two hours. Between Scott's snoring and getting my mom some ice chips, rearranging her on the couch and giving her another dose of Ambien...yeah, I'm awake.

I pretty much finished my Christmas shopping today. I was amazed at how few people were actually out there shopping. I barely had to wait in any lines and I didn't have any trouble finding what I wanted. Scott took mom to dialysis and Jeff picked her up so that gave me the better part of the day to run my errands. It felt good to be able to get out not worry about time.

Personally, I'll be glad when Christmas is over. I can't believe I'm saying that. I look forward to Christmas every year but this year has been more of a burden than a joy. Our tree is dead...and it really could be getting close to being a fire hazard. Well, maybe it's not that bad but I do know it's coming down the day after Christmas. It's an absolutely beautiful tree and I was hoping to get some nice photos of it all decorated but I think that time has passed.

We never got the house fully decorated on the inside. I just gave up and put it all back in the garage. There are only so many hours in the day and frankly, I'm just to tired to even care.

My baking is off this year. I have been making my sugar cookies for over 20 years and this is the first time EVER that they flopped. Guess I won't be putting those in the gift baskets I have to give to my co-workers later today. My boss is having her annual "mother daughter tea" at 4 today. I had all these wonderful plans to take this beautiful assortment of lovely homemade goodies all packaged and festively decorated. Not happening. Oh, I made a few things that actually turned out, but everything is going to be on a much smaller scale.

I'm slowing down as of today. I'm not worrying about baking another damn cookie, or anything else. I have presents to wrap and the past three weeks that my mom has been home have been brutal 15+ hours a day for me. I'm going to wrap presents while watching "It's a Wonderful Life" and the only other plan I have is to get Sara from the airport on Wednesday and watch her and Betina make gingerbread houses. Pictures will certainly follow.

I'm going to go back in the other room now and see if the Ambien kicked in and hopefully she is sound asleep. I need to try to go back to bed or find a spot on a couch somewhere to curl up.


SUZ said...

Um, you need to take an Ambien with your mama and not worry about another "damn cookie" or pastry. :) Hope you can find a little pocket of time before Christmas JUST FOR YOU!!! Love you and Merry Christmas! PS-Did you by chance read my last blog post/receive my email? It's a goodie!

Hannie said...

Ruth, my love! I've missed you! I was on a flight the other day and saw a woman who reminded me of you and it made me so Ruth-sick! :) I can't seem to find your phone number, but I need to get a hold of you because I need to get your address for a Christmas card I've been wanting to send! I know this is not an easy time of life for you, but don't you ever forget that I love you and think of you often! I love you, Ruth! Really, I miss giggling with you and listening to your motherly advice as if you were my cool Aunt that I could always talk to! I simply love and miss you!

buttercupbugs said...

Dear Ruth,

I'm thinking of you during this Christmas season. I'm so glad your Mother is improving, but I know it adds so much to your already big load. Just Remember to take time for yourself. I wish I was there to give you a big hug and take you away for just a little while.

I think of you always, but especially now at Christmas. My the Lord's richest blessings come your way today and through out the coming year.

My Christmas wish is that we will be able to get together sometime soon Ruth. I miss you like crazy. Always remember how much you mean to me and to many others.

MeRry ChRisTmAs, ox/Judy