Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Incredible day

What a wonderful, happy, filled with hope kind of day. While I didn't get to watch the inauguration on tv...damn the blocked computers at work....I was able to read reports and talk to Sara about all the happenings of the day. Sara said it was bitter cold (wind chill of 12) and there were a coupla million people there (no, really, there was) but she said it was awesome. I'm so glad she got to be there...to be a part of history on this fabulous day. What fabulous stories she's going to have for her kids some day! She's going to some inauguaral ball tonight after having one hour of sleep last night and being out in the freezing cold all day. Better her than me, that's all I can say.

And now something totally different

Depression of a ridiculous nature......I am now the depressed/disgusted owner of THREE age spots on my hands. Yep...they're there and I hate them, I don't care how small or light they are. The bastards. As if that isn't depressing enough, I also have noticed a few gray hairs around my temples. Fabulous. Bring it on, old age!!! I've often said that I don't feel like I'm 53 years old. Yeah, I know, I don't act like it either but lately I've been noticing stuff that really ticks me off. Like the way I can't just fly out of the bed in the morning. I resemble the Tin Man before a good dose of grease and I sound like a bowl of Rice Krispies as walk to the bathroom to empty my bladder before it empties itself. Hips locking up, knees cracking, back aching....it's ridiculous.
Then there's the "oh I think I'll get down on my knees to take this photo." Acck...what happened to being able to spring right back up like Tigger??? My spring has obviously sprung. So now I look at those great photo opportunities and just say to myself, "Wow, that WOULD have been a great shot." Of course, who can forget the "aging eyes" as my friend Elizabeth calls them. I can read a street sign a mile away but I can't even read the back of a can of soup without putting on reading glasses. They are a constant on top of my head not to mention that I have about 47 extras all over the house and in my office. You just never know when these Target dollar bin glasses are going to disintegrate so you have to be prepared. Being prepared is NOT to be confused with Preparation H....which can also go along with getting old, but fortunately I haven't had to add that one to my list. Yet.
Yes, I've become more aware of the aging process as of late. Seeing my mother in a hospital bed for weeks really made me think about this almost to the point of obsession. I hate that we have to grow old, I hate that our bodies have to betray us, and I hate all the horrible things that happen and the lonliness that so many of us have to endure during our final days. Ugh. All I can say is I'm going into my older years kicking and screaming...well, maybe not so much kicking cuz I'm afraid of breaking a hip nowadays, but I will certainly be screaming, that's for sure.
I think it's time for my glass of warm milk and then bed....after all, it's 8:00....bedtime for the oldies.


SUZ said...

Um yeah. That is pretty fabulous that Cakers got to go see such a wonderful, historical, moving, inspiring, amazing, etc. event!!! My hubby is jealous!

SUZ said...

Wait, I should say the JOHNSONS are jealous!

Amanda Cheek said...

Hey Ruth talking about getting old..I can one up ya! Saturday night, we put on a happy birthday party for my dad who was turning 80. We did a count of his posterity, and figured out that he has 118 children grandchildren, and greatgrandchildren. And the really bad part is I am #3! My Dad being #1, my mother #2 and me #3!! Want to go join the red hat society with me??
Love, Kathi