Saturday, November 27, 2010

Finally, something that works

This is my new best friend in the whole wide world. I would marry it if I could and living in Las Vegas, it just might be legal.
Anyway, this is the story of our new relationship. Some years ago we got sick of the carpet, sick of the laminate flooring and had the brilliant (read stupid) idea to put ceramic tile throughout the entire downstairs of our house. While tile in and of itself wasn't such a stupid idea, it was the light color we chose that was by far one of the most stupid things we have done in our married lives. Well, moving to Las Vegas wasn't the best idea ever, but that's for another time. We're talking floors tonight.
So, back in the olden days when I had housekeepers from time to timeI always insisted that they not use PineSol on the floor. (It leaves a sticky film on the tile that attracts more dirt.) Not that any of them ever paid any attention to my insistance as my entire house smelled of PineSol everytime I came home. Over the years the guk built up and scrub as I did, the floor just never really looked clean to me and I hated my life.
Scott and I thought this Thanksgiving weekend would be the perfect time to have our floors professionally cleaned. I checked out a few places online and about puked when I saw how much they wanted...over a thousand dollars. Gad zooks! Scott found a guy through a friend at work who said he would clean the floors for about 650.00. Crazy amount, but obviously a lot less than Stanley Steemer. We booked him for this morning at 9 and spent the better part of last night moving all the furniture out of the house. 3 couches, dining table and chairs, chairs, bookshelves, lamps, coffee tables, all that stuff.
By 9:30 this morning when he hadn't shown up, I had Scott call him. He was having "mechanical" problems and said he should be here within the hour. By 11:30 and no word from him, I was angry and ready to tell him to take a hike, if he ever showed up. I looked outside and's starting to cloud up and look like rain...and oh goody, the wind is kicking up. Fabulous. To make this long and boring story a little shorter, I decided that we needed to just rent a machine and do it ourselves. We checked out a couple of places and everything looked pretty bogus and then Scott got the idea to check out Oreck. For less than what we would have paid the guy, who by the way called at 4pm and said he wasn't going to make it today and most likely not tomorrow either, we bought this great cleaner. Scott was skeptical, and I had faith that it would do the trick.
It's fabulous!!! I'm so happy with the results I can barely stand it. (I'm so easy to please)
The only down side to this entire thing is there was a part of me, and I'm just a tad bit ashamed to admit it, that hoped robbers would come over during the night and steal all our furniture so we would have to get all new, pretty stuff. I love to dream.
It's past midnight, gotta get up early to finish up all this cleaning business. Who knew I could get so excited over sparkling clean floors? Pathetic.

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