Thursday, May 10, 2007

Coupla things that made me go "hhmm" today

my mind must be in the gutter today. I'm wondering how far off 20% would be? Inquiring minds most definitely want to know. I dunno, guess it was one of those "you had to be there" moments, but it struck me as funny. Now that I'm looking at it here, it doesn't seem quite so silly anymore. Well, ok, maybe this next little tid-bit will do it for ya.

Scott brought home this classified advertisment from a medical journal last night. I was reading the ad and it all seemed pretty cut and dried, very professional, all that. But the little tiny box at the bottom of the ad is what caught my eye. Here's what it said:

"The University of Toronto is strongly committed to diversity within its community and especially welcomes Aboriginal persons, persons with disabilities, members of sexual minority groups and others who may contribute to further diversification of ideas. All qualified candidates are encouraged to apply; however, Canadians and permanent residents will be given priority."

First of all, I had absolutely NO idea that Toronto was such a hot spot for Aboriginal people. Wonder what the airfare from Australia to Toronto runs these days? Talk about your trivia question. sheesh. I'm still thinking of ways to work this into everyday conversation with my friends and I'll get back with you on that one. Secondly, and probably most importantly, it apparently doesn't mean Jack if you're any of the aforementioned peeps...if you're a're hired. Hey, I have no problems with Canadians...just sayin'.

So, there you have it. Oh the things that go through my head..tsk..tsk. Work sucked today (doesn't it always?) and I'm so wanting to just be inside my house and out of the ridiculous heat. But, I have errands to run and kids to drop off at school for a rehearsal. Then it's off to find a new tv for my mom for Mother's Day. sssh, don't tell her. She has this itty bitty one now and I want to give her a new one and cable tv to go with it. How exciting is that? She loves to watch Animal Planet and QVC so now she'll be able to do that without having to come over to my house while I'm a work. Not that I mind her coming over, it's just getting so bloomin' hot I don't like her being out during the middle of the day. Soo...I'm off like a prom dress. Later taters.


Kerry said...

you are definitely a piece of work. LOL

Debs said...

Hey crazy lady! Do you remember my birthday party years ago when we went to see "the english patient" or something like that? We were half snokered in the movie theatre and during one scene it's Christmas and the male lead grabs the female and is practically having his way with her in a secluded room. You leaned over to me and tried to whisper but the wine had control of your voice and you said, "Now that my friend is truly a Christmas goose!" Everyone in the place cracked up. I miss those fun, laugh till you pee your pants times. It's been far too long and I am so glad you gave me your blog address. I think it's high time we had another dinner and a movie. You make me laugh like no one else.

Anonymous said...

I am so loving your blog. I think I gotta make me one of these things. Ruth your photos are so gorgeous! Your work continually amazes me. I think you need to make notecard, post cards, or something. And I love your view on things...I'm roud to call you a friend of mine. Crystal