Tuesday, May 29, 2007

A Mother's Rant....again

I feel badly about what I am about to post since it's on the heels of my Memorial Day tribute. Please let me preface this by saying I do not feel by any stretch of the imagination that I or any member of my family is above the law. Having said that, I also do not feel that just because you're in law enforcement you have the right to harrass and bully people. Yeah, I'm back to the whole Kris being stopped by the cops for jay walking. I got a call today from the supervisor over the one rude and obnoxious officer from last week. (I had called and left a message for someone to call me) From the moment I answered the phone I knew how things were going to be. "This is Sgt. So-N-So..what do you need?" well, that's a great way to start a conversation. I can totally tell that this guy made an "A" in his "How to win friends and influence people"class.

I told him I would like some answers to a few things...started out with are they or are they not required to give their names when asked? His response was "Yes, they are." Ok...and why was my son picked out of the group? He answered with "Your son stopped half way across the street and returned to the point of origin (you and I call that a sidewalk) and thereby caused a car to have to stop for him. That is why he was stopped and the others were not." That is such blatient bullshit. I have a witness who gave me his name and number who will back me up on this one!! I said, "Well, that is NOT what happened." and he shot back with, "Ma'am, that's what my officer told me." So I asked if I was talking to someone from Internal Affairs and he asked me why I felt I needed to go to IF. I said, "Because I can tell this conversation is going no where." "Oh, you can tell that in a 30 second conversation?" "Yes, I could tell by your attitude from the minute I answered the phone." Sooo...he is supposed to give my name and number to someone in IF and they'll be calling me. In the meantime, I talked to my sister-in-law and by the time she got finished telling me what was going to happen when we went to court, I was in tears. She said they don't have to defend their reason for picking one person out of a bunch...they were trying to make an example. I know she was only trying to help and tell me from her experience what I could expect,but I felt so angry, so helpless. I feel we have no protection...no rights. Not only was she telling me that the judge would ask Kris if he was jay walking and as soon as Kris answered "yes" then there ya go...he's guilty. I never said he wasn't. She doesn't want me to talk to anyone from Internal Affairs because her fear is that they would truly be after Kris for any and everything from now on. What??? What country do we live in? Do I not pay the salaries of these people? Am I not supposed to expect honesty and integrity from the very people who are supposed to "protect and serve"???????
Scott thinks I'm a little too "passionate" about things such as this and my feeling is....where do you draw the line? What has to happen to make it go from a little inconvience to a major issue?
Anyway, enough about that. Apparently there isn't anything I can do and others are willing to do about it so here I am.
Scott and I are going to a medical conference in San Francisco tomorrow night. We'll be there until Sunday night and I am sooo looking forward to escaping the heat and going to a place we both love. The kids and dogs will be taken care of here at home and I don't have to cook for 5 days....Woooo Hoooooo!!!!!! Hopefully I'll be able to get some really good photos.
Ok, time to get off the computer and go water my fabulous tomato plants. I promise to let this whole cop thing go and only update with what happens either in court or what my sister-in-law can do.
Judy, if you're reading this, I miss you so much and I wish you would email me your phone number so I can call you and we can talk and laugh like we used to "back in the day" hehe.
Have a great rest of the week everyone. Hugs to everyone. Peace.


mary said...

Ruth, you need a vacation from all you do. I hope you have a good time while you're in SF and that all this crap with the police gets resolved. I have my own stories as you know.

Anonymous said...

I am thinking you call the news or 60 minutes. It is totally unfair. My friend was arrested (long story) last Oct...For something very minor but they kept her in jail for 101 days...without even having a hearing. Another person here in SLC tried to kill her husband (very premeditated) and she was out in less than 24 hours... It's who ya know and how much $$$ you have. The mother in me would tell you to fight this and at least make this guys life a little misserable...but you need to do what is best for Chris. He is a darling boy Ruth, you have got to be so proud of him. I thought I gave you my # but I probably forgot. My home # is 281-1314...I would love to talk to you and hear your voice. You have fun in San Francisco...I love it there and wold move there in a New York minute if I had a job there!!! I love you blog Ruth...sorry I am taking up so much room...I just got on a roll....as you know I can do!!


Kirsty said...

you are the tiger and you are protecting your cubs. Right or wrong you should fight for your kids (says me!!)
This cop needs to go to the school of charm. The only way to get there is to send him on a one way flight to the moon. grrrrrrrrrrr