Tuesday, May 08, 2007


This is my latest obsession (since we all know I have soo many) CUPCAKES! Wonderfully fun, cute, adorable, bite-sized, make me giggle cupcakes. I can't make enough of them and these are just 3 of the book-o-cupcakes I've purchased in the past six months or so. I'm a woman possessed and consumed with anything that has to do with cupcakes.

I even made cupcake suckers. I know, I know, they're going to lock me up in the psych ward of the hospital if I continue at this rate, but they're so flippin' much fun to make. Wait until hubby comes home tonight and asks, "what's for dinner?" hehe.


Diana said...

what happened to your scrapbooking obsession? Or your photographing flowers obsession? Or your..... ;)

Kerry said...

Those little chocolate suckers are really cute. You did a fabulous job on them.

Judy said...

You are amazing at what ever you do!!