Friday, June 29, 2007

Dog Days of Summer

Don't let those adorable eyes fool you...she's the boss of this house and everyone who's in it. Awww, Daisy is the sweetest little dog, she really is. If only we could do something about that incessant barking. Gawd, can she bark. The breeze moves the leaves on the trees and she barks...the toilet upstairs flushes and she barks, a doorbell on the tv rings and she barks. But she's cute, and cuddly so we overlook it. (most of the time anyway)
Now this really is the dog days of summer if you ask me. She loves to go outside early in the morning before it gets really hot and sunbathe for a little while. Shame on her for not using any sunscreen but just look at that gorgeous color! You'd think she would find a more comfortable spot than right there on the corner of the sidewalk and the edge of the garden..and I hope the sprinklers don't come on any time soon or she's really gonna get a surprise...right next to her head!!!!
And lastly, I'm signing off tonight with a picture I took at Glacier National Park in Montana. It's one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to in my life and this very photo was supposed to be used as a label on bottled water for some company in Florida last year. All I asked for was credit somewhere on the label for the photograph and I was even shown a rough draft of the label. Well dang, I was pretty dern happy about the whole thing and then I never heard from them again. I think they jacked my photo. LOL Oh well, if anybody ever goes to Florida and sees this picture on a bottle of water, whip off an email to me.
Things are kind of wonky at work right now and while I'm sad that HS-MS is on vacation, I think this is a good time for me to get a few things in order and take a little break of my own for just a wee bit. I'll post when I can and I'll for sure return to the HS-MS bunch as soon as they're back. They're so much fun and I adore them!


Vanda said...

Wow Ruth, that photo is just amazing. SO beautiful. More fool the water company for not using it for their label I say! Hope you get things sorted out at work, take care xXx

sharon said... the doggy..they know how to soak up the sun..x

Amanda Cheek said...

Those little little BOO BOOs... they're just LITTLE!!! I love your little baby weiner dogs. I think you should get Mr. Baby Weiner dog TOBY from the pet store! He's just a baby, and he needs a mama.

Aubrey Harns said...

Daisy is ADORABLE. So, so, cute. That photo of the Lake is amazing. I hope they didn't swipe it from you!