Sunday, July 29, 2007

How we spent our Sunday evening

There's a housing development and large park close to Lake Mead (the side where Scott's folks live) and every night this huge herd of bighorn sheep graze in the park and then walk up the mountain for the night. They are such beautiful animals and there must have been 50 of them in this herd, young and old alike. We drove out tonight and watched them for about an hour and I'm afraid I didn't get very many good shots of them due to the extra large humongous ANTS who were trying to attack me. I had to keep hopping from one foot to the other to keep them at bay. I wanted to move to another place where there were no ants, but I was pretty much on the edge of a drop off and so there wasn't much room for me to move around. Oh well, it was still pretty cool to see them and enjoy their beauty.
We started out the day by taking Scott's parents to brunch for their 58th anniversary along with Scott's brother and his wife. It was an incredibly expensive brunch and a coupla times I was tempted to start throwing stuff in my purse to bring home. I mean really, how can they get off charging $35 each for a brunch? sheesh. Not to mention that I've been burping up the applewood bacon, whatever the hell that is, ever since. This was at a very posh resort and they had some ridiculous old guy with a bad hair dye job and a keyboard covered with a black "curtain" that said "Sonny Kaye" in silver glitter playing music while we ate. Between the obnoxious music and the fact that both of my in-laws are hard of hearing, conversation was all but impossible. There was a lot of smiling and nodding over the food. I think they enjoyed it. It's hard to tell sometimes.
It's time to walk the wieners...have a great night everyone.


funkitup said...

How beautiful! I have lived in Vegas forever and I think I have only seen such beauty up in Red Rock once! Great shot! Kim

Candy said...

They are beautiful. I've never seen them before.

Katie said...

OMG that brunch sounds HORRIBLy lame!! so glad for u that's it's over now.