Thursday, July 26, 2007

My Lucky Day!

This is my friend, Annabelle. Annabelle is an artist who recently started taking orders for paintings and I knew I had to have me some of that!! The picture of the black doggie is our pal Ricky. Ricky is in doggie heaven and that's why he has wings. Then there is the painting of my kids and from left to right they are: Jeff, Kris, Sara, and Betina. I especially love the highlights in Sara's hair. She knew Kris has blonde hair that he dyes black and she made him a blonde again just for me. The other painting is of Charley, Rusty, and Daisy. How cool are they? She did such a great job I just may hire her to do more for me to decorate the entire house. Thank you, Annabelle. I love them, and you too!!! Her mom is an artist too and here is a link to her blog. Check it out, she makes some AMAZING things!!!


Sketching with Alex said...

Ruth! You are so cute posting this! Annabelle was so thrilled to do business with you. You are a fantastic client! She was full of the whole story for her Daddy when he got home. Thanks for supporting her! Kim

Louise said...

Those pics are so cute... I love the one of the dogs at the back:) A talented little miss:)