Friday, July 20, 2007

Weird, Odd, Freaky Factoid #1 About Me

Gather 'round kiddies, here's a little bit of info not too many people (up until now of course) know about me. I have a little OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) when it comes to cereal. I have to buy it every time I go to the grocery store. No, I don't know why I do it and I'm not really sure when it started. It just sort of 'evolved'. This is my stash from this morning. I stopped at the local supermarket to pick up something to take to work for my lunch and ohhh those evil grocery clerks. They KNOW I have this problem and what do they do? They stack 27 different kinds of cereal...all on sale...right smack dab in the center aisle as you walk in. Now I ask you, what was I supposed to do? My plan to run in, grab some sort of frozen concoction and get out of there as quickly as possible was soon forgotten in the haze of, "ohh myyy, lookie....pretty cereals" So, here they are....all lined up and ready to be eaten. Now comes the 'really' weird part.......

I don't eat cereal. LOL Nope, I really don't. It's not that I don't like it, I just don't normally eat breakfast and I think I've only eaten probably 3 bowls this entire year. It's a good thing my kids and husband eat it or I'd be in one doozie of a mess. And uumm, Kirsty, one of the boxes is Reese's. hehe.
So now I need to go make room in the pantry for these little beauts and that's no easy task, let me tell you. If you're ever in need of a box of cereal or two, or three, you know where to come.

I never made it to the strip the other night for photo taking. All of you who offered to go with me,I wish you had been here cuz my family is a bunch of party poopers. It's never a good idea to go on the weekend because it's so crowded, so now I'm going to try for one night next week or so. I have a friend who just got a camera 10x better than mine and even though I'm so jealous of her I could spit, we'll probably go play "cameras gone wild" together.

Yikes, I need to go throw some clothes in the washer and then drag all those boxes of cereal to the pantry and then I'm gonna go put my feet up and relax. Have a great night and if I don't make it back soon...have a fun weekend. Peace.

::::::Later On That Night::::::

How not to waste a good Friday night....or things not to do while trying to relive your hippie past

I planted a lot of sunflowers this year. a LOT of sunflowers. And while they were tremendously beautiful to look at until they wilted I hated the thought of just pulling them up and casting them aside. I thought the birds would eat them but that was a no go, and then I got the brilliant idea one morning that I would roast my own sunflower seeds. YEA!!! I love to eat sunflower seeds and so does Kristopher. So I get on the trusty o' internet and look for instructions. I've toasted pumpkins seeds for years with no trouble, but I wasn't really sure about these guys. The internet is a plethora of information in case ya'll didn't know that. Why, there must have been 30 sites pretaining to the proper roasting of sunflower seeds. So I spent the better part of my morning before work (and shoppping for cereal) harvesting a mountain of sunflower seeds. Yeah, this was cool...I was recycling and making a tasty healthy treat at the same time. Life is good. After about 30 minutes of "shucking" sunflower seeds it ceased to be fun. My fingers were getting sore, the seeds were flying around the kitchen like popcorn, and the smile had left my face. And yet, I carried on. It was now a quest, dammit. Sunflower carcasses littered my kitchen counter, the sink, and the floor. Stray seeds were everywhere and my dogs had a look of bewilderment on their tiny, sunflower seed encrusted faces. I made the salt bath for the little kernals and cleaned up enough so that my family wouldn't think there had been some marading sunflower murdering gang in our kitchen while they were sleeping, and hit the shower imagining how farout, cool, groovy, and outasight this was going to be.'s the little things, ya know?
Fast forward to an hour ago. Laundry is in the dryer, cereal is tucked away and sunflower seeds are in the 300 degree oven. I stir them every 15 minutes as per internet instructions and eagerly await their toasty goodness. *DING* times up....let's see what we've got here. Pop the first one in my mouth...hhmmm..well, that one wasn't so good let's try another. Phhhttt...that one tastes like sap. Ok, find one from the bottom of the pile and see how it tastes. Ok, that one wasn't so bad. By now I've lost all interest in them and felt stupid for spending so much time on such a ridiculous project. I mean really, a huge bag of sunflower seeds cost about a dollar. What was I thinking?
Sometimes I scare myself.


Vanda said...

ROFLMAO! That's the sort of thing I do and then get so cross with myself when it doesn't turn out right :O) At least you had a go Ruth, they could have been fantastic!

Now I'm definitely coming over to your house because I LOVE cereal, I would live on the stuff if I could :O) 3 bowls of cereal and a photo shoot sounds like my kind of heaven as long as you promise it won't rain cos I can't stand much more :O) xXx

Anonymous said...

Oh you have done my heart good tonight after my fight with blogger... I am sat here with tears of laughter running down my cheeks at your fight with your sunflower seeds and ROFLMAO at the fact that you don't even eat the cereal you buy. Poor you what a day (((hugs))) but thank you for giving me the best laugh I've had in a week !!

Amanda Cheek said...

Ruth.. you are so funny. I think you should write a book. I love reading your blog... and that says a lot because I hate to read! Also..I am a cereal FANATIC! I could live off of cereal for the rest of my life if I had to. So, I guess what I'm trying to say is... If there's ever a natural disaster and I have no food... I'm coming to your house. I know you have a stash big enough to keep me alive for a year! Love ya!

Diana said...

LOL oh you are funny. But I understand your compulsion, I have it for adhesives cannot stop buying them Oh but I do use them!!