Tuesday, July 24, 2007

And the sky opened up

Miracle of miracles...it's raining!!!! I know that my friends in various parts of the US and the UK are flooding right this moment and my heart goes out to them. I worked with the Red Cross after hurricanes Katrina and Rita and I know the kind of damage and heartbreak flood waters can bring. So with all due respect to those who have more rain than they could possibly need for a year, please bear with me while I rejoice in the beautiful rain. It started last night around 10:30. Betina and I went outside and danced and held our faces to the sky with utter joy. Since January 1 of this year we have had three-tenths of an inch of rain so this was much needed. We had a little thunder and lightning to go along with the sweet rain so that was an extra bonus. It didn't last long though and then today we got a bit more. Not much, but enough to enjoy the cooler temps and earthy aroma. Sometimes when we only get a small amount of rain it makes it so muggy and sticky outside...worse than just hot and dry. But, I'll take what little relief we get and enjoy the raindrops falling on my patio cover.

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Sharon said...

It's supposed to rain a little tonight too. I'm as excited as you are about it. We've had over 40 days of temperatures over 100 and I'm sick to death of it.