Monday, September 17, 2007

My birthday surprise

Chef Molly was my birthday present. If only for a night, but ohhhh what a night. Molly is a friend of Sara's. We met her at Sara's college graduation in May and fell in love with her unbelievably fun personality. Sara had Molly come to our house and make a 5 course dinner for a party of 15. Here is the menu for the evening:
Spinach salad with warm cilantro vinaigrette thyme, sauteed shitakes
Fontina raviolis trumpet white wine reduction, currents, fried sage
Filet Mignon wrapped in backon, risotto, syrah reduction, soaked
portabella mushrooms, fried frites
Bananas foster in an open faced cinnamon crepe vanilla bean ice cream

I mean really....does it GET any better than this? Another friend, Fero, had her birthday the day before mine and so it was a dual celebration. Other wonderful friends helped Molly in the kitchen and they all cleaned up afterwards. It was an amazing night with the people I love at home. They had put 2 tables outside and had tablecloths, candles, flowers, and wine....oh, I could just go on and on forever about how completely wonderful the entire evening was.

Scott was so sweet, he knows my favorite bakery in town had this wonderful cake which is my all time favorite strawberry shortcake so bless his heart, he drove miles and miles to pick this up for me. It's worth it...ohh how it's worth it.
My sweet friend Amanda made this gorgeous antique picture frame with some of my favorite photos of my kids. I absolutely love it. Manda, I promise that I'll take a better picture of it as soon as I decide for sure where I want to hang it. I'm leaning towards the kitchen since I'm in there all the time. Isn't it beautiful? Thanks, Manda!!!!
and this is the flash attachment I got from my hubby and kids. I guess hints really do work. hehe. I also got a really cool pair of shoes from my friend, Kathi, and here is the website for them I got the mules, and they are fantastic. I love crocs but sometimes you just can't wear them out and these are just as comfy as Crocs. Try them, you'll see. So, it was a wonderful day, even if I did have to get a year older.


Eleanor said...

Oh what a meal.I have to confess i'm not sure what a lot of it was, but it sounds wonderful,if words were edible.
I've never eaten strawberry shortcake,is it really strawberries (my favourite fruit ever) and shortcake (my favourite biscuit ever) with maybe cream? More wonderfulness.
The photo frame is utterly delightful.
I'm envious of your mules, since my summer shoes are going away now until next year, it's turned rather crisp and cold here.
So, oneyearolderRuth, I'm glad it was a lovely day for you.

SuzyB said...

Looks like you had a truly smashing time, Im so glad :o)x

Kirsty Wiseman said...

Dang, I missed your 52nd b'day.
Im gutted with a capital guttedness.
Need to chat with you cuz Im coming to Anaheim in Feb and could squeeze in a visit to Nevada. Wont that be a blast..... you could show me caesars palace at midnight and I could show you the contents of my mouth whilst eating pie!

Sue Nicholson said...

Those shoes look soooo much nice and far more comfortable that Crocs.

And that strawberry shortcake looks divine. Is that a 50 candle? I am 50 in May next year.

What fabulous friends and family. A great time was had by all by the sounds of it


Sara said... spelled bacon wrong you nerd....and you LOVE bacon (not to mention I have seen you spell it correctly like a gazillion times in my life)! Anywho....glad you liked your birthday. Love you mucho.