Monday, October 22, 2007

And....We're Back!!

Now I ask this not what autumn is all about? Gorgeous jewel colored leaves. Oh I love fall best of all and I cannot get enough of it. We were a bit late for some of the fall colors. Most of the aspen trees had already shed all their leaves, but we didn't let that keep us from enjoying all the other beautiful sights. We had a wonderful time. It was cold, snowy, and I couldn't have loved it more. I think Scott secretly hated all the cold, wet weather, but he took it like a real trooper as I'm trudging around in the muck taking picture after picture.
This is a photo I took at the Grand Teton National Park. It's such a beautiful place to visit. We were hoping to see tons of wild animals, especially bears, but they were hiding from us. It wasn't for lack of trying on our parts, I'll tell you that much. There were even a few times while we were walking around in the forest that I had a horrible thought that we were going to be attacked by wild muskrats, or weasels, or worse than that....squirrels or bears. The ravens were bigger than our wiener dogs and they scared the ever loving snot out of me more than once. A few times we had the feeling we were in an Alfred Hitchcock movie. Scary birds...scary.
I loved this old barn right outside the Teton National Park. We found it after we left Yellowstone and poor Scott had to wait forever for me to stop taking pictures. It was cold and windy and the bad weather was closing in on us fast but I was determined to shoot this barn from all angles. We don't have barns in Las Vegas.
I loved these aspen leaves. I need to lighten up the photo, but that will have to wait for a day or two. So many things happening right now. My cousin in Florida died suddenly while we were away. She was my age. My mother's brother who isn't even 60 years old has kidney cancer on his one and only kidney (had the other removed a few years ago for cancer) and his doctors have told him there really isn't anything they can do besides remove the kidney. The cancer has spread. If they remove his kidney he would have to go on dialysis and he doesn't want to do that. Right now he just wants to live out his life as normally as possible. And if that wasn't enough to make you crazy, my adorable little two and a half year old nephew had a seizure right before we left for our vacation. He had never had one before and the results of his EEG are abnormal so they want to do an MRI on him. My brother and sister-in-law are scared spitless. Who can blame them. they say, when it rains it pours. One is dead, one is dying, and one is in need of medical tests to determine what is wrong. I can't help any of them...there's nothing I can do.....nothing. It's times like this that I feel so totally and completely worthless.

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