Saturday, October 13, 2007

And....we're OFF!!

I'm very happy to report that Scott and I are leaving for a much needed little mini-vacation. We'll be back next Saturday and hopefully I'll have tons of cool photos to post. I've never been to the Grand Teton Mountains before, or Yellowstone Park ,where Yogi and Boo Boo live...or is that Jellystone?, Oh it doesn't matter. The point is...we're going away...and it's going to be COLD and I get to wear sweaters and socks...and hopefully there will be fall colored leaves everywhere. The weather forecast is calling for rain and possibly snow and I couldn't be happier. Scott isn't too sure about that, but I'm up for it.
Have a great week and I'll catch up when we get back.


Diana said...

Have a great mini vacation and I will look forward to seeing GREAT photos when you are back
Love Di

Anonymous said...

Hope you have a fantastic time, and that you freeze your patootie off! I'm totally jealous.


SuzyB said...

Have a smashing time! xx

Louise said...

have a great time

Hazel said...
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Hazel said...

Glad to see on HS:MS that you're back - hope you had a great time.