Monday, November 05, 2007


This is my nephew. Have you ever seen a happier child? He's almost 3 and the smartest, most loving child you will ever meet. He is also the reason I have been away for a week. He had been rushed to the hospital after having a seizure and while there had another one which was more intense than the previous two. The sweet little love of my life has been diagnosed with Epilepsy. My poor brother and sister-in-law were having difficulties while in the hospital with him. The medication made him combative and very restless which meant no rest for anyone. I flew to Oakland to help and the three of us stayed with him around the clock. There was always at least one parent with him at all times and the other would go home to try and rest. It was a nightmare. But as you can see from these pictures, he's doing what litle boys should in leaves and exploring trails.
My Scott says that most children outgrow childhood seziure disorders and that is something we are all hoping for. I'm home now, and I miss him like crazy. How is that possible that a little tiny person can grab your heart and make you think of little else but them 24/7? He's magical. His laugh, his smile, his personality....every little thing about him. Auntie Ruth loves you, Tannin.


amandamagpie said...

He's absolutely adorable and that's a wonderful shot! It must be a very difficult time for you and your family at the moment, but you are all in my thoughts. x

Skotasma said...

Sad story and great pictures.
My great cousin's son has about the same thing. He was in the hospital for very long at such a young age.

Amanda Cheek said...

Awww I was thinking about little Tannin all weekend. It's good to see him doing fun things. I hope everything will be okay for the little guy. He is so sweet.

SuzyB said...

I hope all turns out for the best, he's such a gorgeous little fella x