Monday, November 12, 2007

Veteran's Day 2007

Today is Veteran's Day. It's a day to honor the men and women who have served our country. Today is the day I honor my father. This picture was taken in November, 1955. My mother had given birth to me just two months before. My father was a Marine. My father was bigger than life to me. He had a sad childhood, his father died when he was young and his mother was left with seven children to raise. For reasons unknown to me some of the children ended up as wards of the state. My aunts were sent to a convent and my father was sent to an orphanage. The stories my dad told of living in that orphanage make me cry even today. He ran away when he was eleven years old and hitch-hiked to Florida to live with an uncle and work in his gas station. He had a hard life. He joined the Marine Corps when he was 15. My grandmother signed him in and he celebrated his 16th birthday in China. He fought in Korea and was a drill instuctor in the Marines for many years. I was "daddy's little girl" all my life...right up until the day he died two years ago. I miss him so incredibly much tonight. The tears just started flowing a few minutes ago and I can't seem to stop them. I miss his reassuring voice, the same voice that was so full of love when he would say, "Hi, sweetheart!" I miss the way he used to pat my cheek. I miss the way his entire face would light up when his grandchildren were around. So many memories, so many things to love and miss.
I honor my dad today....I thank him for his service to his country, and I thank him for always loving matter what. I miss you, daddy. Semper Fi .


Charli said...

What a lovely way to remember your Dad Ruth, sounds like he was a fantastic guy. Its been nice catching up with all your photos - some really fab pics there!!

Aubrey Harns said...

I'm sorry for your loss Ruth. I know you cherish your time and loved memories with him.