Wednesday, March 05, 2008

The Week In Review

It feels like it should be Friday night...not Wednesday. That's the kind of week it's been. I'll be so glad when it really is Friday after 6pm when I can say, "Whew...made it through another one."
Still haven't been able to quit the one job that is making me more insane than I can possibly describe. We went to the mountains over the weekend and played in the snow and watched the kids snowboard. It was so nice to get out and away from the house for a few hours. Unfortunately Jeff broke his hand while snowboarding and has a lovely green cast in preparation for St. Patrick's Day. God, that kid is going to be the death of me yet. Let me count the broken bones he's had in his almost 22 years. Broken collarbone at birth due to his being ten and a half pounds. (can you say OUCH!!!) then he broke the same collarbone when he was two after tripping over a garden hose at the neighbors house. Then he broke three fingers skatboarding when he was in middle school. A few years later he was jumping on a trampoline at a friends house and landed wrong and broke his leg. That was a doozie, I'll tell ya. He moved into an apartment with some friends when he was 19 and the story I get is that they were sliding off this canvas "bubble" which is really a roof type thing over the tennis courts at a sports club. Anyway, sliding down this slippery canvas at about 25 miles an hour in the dark doesn't give you much time to figure out exactly how you're going to land safely. We think he may have broken his hip in that one but we aren't sure because he didn't tell us for quite some time. Then last St. Patrick's Day he was leaving our house and got the oh so brilliant idea that "hey, I think I'll open the door of this moving vehicle and then skateboard while holding on. Yeah, that sounds like a really smart thing to do, and fun as hell." Apparently that only lasted a few seconds before he not only fell to the pavement, but subsequently had his leg run over by a Ford Explorer. Yeah. Good times. That only skinned him up and broke his knee cap. So that brings us to today...close to one year since his last visit to the orthopedic surgeon. Good thing this doctor is a personal friend of ours. Otherwise I think I would have had to sell the kid to a band of circus performers just to pay the bill. Oh, and I forgot a broken nose in there somewhere. But since there was no cast involved, I'm not gonna even count that one. So where does that bring us? Seven broken bones. I really want to just make him move home, put him in "time out" and make him stay in his room for the next 8 years. He's not what you would call accident prone, he's just fearless and does some really crazy things. (ya think?)
Monday night I was in the middle of making dinner and went into the small closet in the hall where we keep extra canned food and the 57 boxes of cereal that I bought last week. (yes, I still have the OCD where I have to buy cereal every time I go to the grocery store) So...I open the door and notice a huge wet spot on the carpet. Of course my first instinct is to blame the dogs...thinking they had pee'd on the carpet. But they don't have opposable thumbs so how did they get the door open? I step inside the closet and my foot goes squish squish. Fabulous...the entire carpet in this room is soaking wet. I'm feeling around the ceiling thinking that one of the bathrooms upstairs must be leaking when it dawns on me that maybe it's coming from the laundry room. Well, after a little research we discover it's the hot water heater in the garage. It not only ruined everything on the floor in the small closet, but there is a storage area in our laundry room where I have all of Sara's old dolls, the kids baby clothes that I decided to keep, some art work that I'm not sure why it was shoved in there, some books and all my Madame Alexander mint in the box dolls. Let's just say they aren't in mint condition any longer. We spent the better part of that evening pulling everything out, going to Home Depot for a new water heater, replacing that, pulling up nasty carpet and using the shop vac to suck up over 5 gallons of water in the two rooms. The jury is still out on whether or not we'll have to replace the drywall. That was fun...and lots of it. I think we should do that on a yearly basis from now on.
I'm sitting in a meeting yesterday, trying to keep from throwing myself on the floor in a fit of "I don't wanna be here...this is boring!!!" when I started pulling the mascara off my eyelashes. Look, it was the only thing I could seriously think to do to keep from falling asleep in this boring meeting about antiobiotics. So, as I'm picking off the mascara, I sorta lost muscle control in my hand and poked myself in the eye. Not wanting to take anyones attention away from the fascinating world of antibiotics, I suffered in silence, wiping away the tears as discretely as possible. No one noticed. That is until later on when the bottom lid of my right eye started to bulge. Great..not only did I poke myself in the eye and probably have a grody infection, but I didn't pay attention in the meeting and now I don't know which antibiotic to use! I'm talking with the doctor I work for and he said, "You really should have Scott look at that." You've GOT to be frickin' kidding me. Seriously. I think I'll just let it get really yiggy looking, all red and pus flying out of it and see how he likes me working with the patients. But in all fairness to him, I did show Scott and he was unimpressed and unsympathetic. "Put a hot compress on it." and that was about it. Hmmpph. He'll be sorry when it starts to stink, rots and falls out...hopefully when we're at his parents house.
So, that's been the happenings at my house so far this week. That and the fact that spring is pretty much here and flowers are starting to show up and some of the trees have the most gorgeous pink and white flowers on them. My lilac bush is starting to bud out and I swear, if I don't get any flowers on it this year, I'm ripping the bastard out. Tra la tra la.
Ok, I'm going to go to bed now and whine about my eye a little more. Not that it will do me any good but I'll do it anyway.
Here's to wonderful things for Thursday.


Anonymous said...

Another broken bone for Jeff. Lord have mercy! I'm sorry to hear about your water heater woes. We had something similar happen a few years ago. It's such a mess.It's Friday so enjoy your weekend. judy

Sharon said...

I can't believe Jeff has a broken hand. I think he's sporting a cast every time I see him! Have a quiet uneventful weekend my friend.You work more than anyone I know. You really do. Take some time for yourself.