Saturday, March 08, 2008


Today started out to be the most gorgeous, warm and sunny spring day. That was until about an hour ago when it all turned to crap. The wind is blowing about 30-35 mph and I think I just saw one of the wiener dogs fly past the window. So much for lovely spring day. Oh well, at least I got some pictures of my flowers before the tornado like wind came up. See those black calla lillies? I've never seen them that color before today and I just had to get them for Betina since she loves things things like that.
These are in my little garden space in the front of the house. They've always been a favorite of mine.

This is one of the buds on my lilac bush. Hopefully there are some flowers in there too.

Even though the wind is blowing like crazy right now, this has been a really nice day. I was able to go out in the yard and take some the wiener dogs around for a a few errands with the windows down in the car, and make some sun tea. Now it's an asthmatics worst nightmare out there and I'm pretty much confined to the indoors, but that's ok too. I made some little puff pastries with pastry cream and strawberries and took some to a friend, and while the laundry is doing it's thing, I am just enjoying being home. Scott went to the gym and Kris is in the shower, Betina is getting ready to go to work and mom just called and is going to have pizza with a neighbor. Sweet. Some people would say that all sounds pretty boring...I call it peaceful.

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Amanda Cheek said...

Aren't days like that a nice break? I miss you Wuth! Maybe when this baby decides to stop torturing me I'll come see you!