Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Highlights of last week

I just got back from LA. Orange County to be exact. I was there for an entire week and I am exhausted. I had no idea we would be so busy. More on that in a minute. I just gotta talk about this picture. Ok...I'm on the plane getting ready to head off to California when I see this disgusting "thing" in the aisle right beside me. I have the entire row of seats to myself and across from me is a father and daughter. She's the one who drew my attention to it by screaming, at the top of her lungs I might add, "DADDY!!! WHAT'S THAT ON THE FLOOR???" Of course I had to put down the interesting reading material "How to buckle your safety belt" and have a look. Hmm, that's totally disgusting. Umm, well, there are a couple of babies on board, maybe one of them just lost a little something. But I wasn't smelling anything rank and I definitely have a nose for that sort of "little something." The dad kept telling his daughter that it was a piece of chicken. Yeah, well, there's another reason to go vegetarian. Then his story went from a piece of chicken to a sausage. Criminy, now I'll never be able to eat breakfast meat. It was stepped over no less than 6 times by the flight crew before the senior flight attendant kicked it under the dad's seat. I say she was the senior flight attendant...I don't know that for a fact but she was the only one who had the nerve to take care of the problem and she did so in such a "don't worry, I'll take care of it" kind of attitude. Anyway, this picture is blurry and that's because it was a pretty bumpy flight and I was trying to act like I wasn't taking pictures of dookie on the floor of an airplane. Something tells me I'm never going to grow up.
Now, this is a lot nicer to look at, don't you think? This was one of probably 5 pictures I took the entire trip. I know, I couldn't believe it my own self. Me...the queen of taking 27 pictures of...well, dookie for example and I took 5 pictures on a trip to LA. I spent a week at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Garden Grove, California for the Williams Syndrome National Convention. It was one of the most wonderful things I think I have done up to now. I met some of the most incredible kids, their families,and adults who have this syndrome. This one family in particular had 3 kids and the youngest had Williams Syndrome. While we were examining this little guy his older brother and sister where trying to keep his mind off of what was going on and just being so kind and gentle to him. Dr. Morris suggested to the parents that this little guy have a "chore" to do at home to teach him responsibility. The parents said that none of the kids had chores and Dr. Morris explained to them why it was so important for him to do this and the older brother just piped up with, "Oh well, if it's for him, I'll do it." That just made my entire day. There were a lot of wonderful, heartwarming stories from that week. Suffice it to say, I am in love with my job. The hours were long and I didn't get out of the hotel much...basically not at all until Scott showed up Friday night. I had to work all day Saturday and Sunday, but we had a few hours to take off and go to the beach.
So, we get home and look at what's happening....wind and rain clouds. I am so in hopes that this monsoon season will bring us a lot of much needed rain. It rained for about 3 minutes and that was it. So much for anticipation. Now it's just muggy and hot. I swear, I just can't win when it comes to the weather around here.
I missed my dogs and they pretty much haven't left my side since I got back. I really hated to go off and leave them to go to work today, but somebody's gotta pay for the Milk Bones.
It's late...I should be sound asleep right now but once again sleep eludes me. I should go read a book and see if that does the trick. If not,there's always a shot of Nyquil waiting for me. :)

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Momoo Sherie said...

Hi Ruth! I'm sooo glad you finally found your dream job! It sounds wonderful. Things are great here. Stephanie and Hannah are doing a wonderful job. The "newbies" are learning fast(that is if I have time to teach them). Call me. I have so much to tell you and I'm much better at talking then writing.