Thursday, September 18, 2008

3 days post birthday

Awww, look at those eyes. How can I resist them? It's impossible, even when she barks for something like 5 minutes straight every night when I get home. "Ok, I know...I love you too. Please stop barking. Daisy, really, this is getting annoying as hell. DAISY, STOP IT! For the Love of God, stop barking!!!!" But, she's got that adorable little face. My kids think she looks totally depressed and suicidal, but I would rather think she's "pensive". Who am I kidding? This dog is a whack-nut. She barks at her own family and God forbid she hears a doorbell on tv. That really spins her out. But I love her just the same. I dunno what this little vermin is, some sort of groundhog, prairie dog, chipmunk with a glandular problem, rat on steroids, squirrel gone mad....but it's a cute little thing. I especially like that Scott fed it a jalapeno potato chip. Nice goin' there, doc. Poor little thing probably pooped fire for a week. Not to mention that his cholesterol level is a a dangerously high level now and he's been known to hang out at the local 7-11 begging for 'spare chips'.

These pictures have absolutely NOTHING to do with the fact that it's 3 days past my birthday. I did indeed get a new stove. Not the one I truly wanted mind you, but we all knew that was a pipe dream now didn't we? The one I wanted was a double oven little cutie. The uppermost oven was small,like for baking cookies, casseroles, frozen pizzas. That really made my heart go pitty-pat. I mean, think of the energy you would save by not having to heat up a ginormous oven for a pizza? Naturally, the lower oven was a bit smaller because of this, but I think I still could have shoved a good sized Thanksgiving turkey in that sucker no problem. Yeah, well, Scott saw the price tag and *poof* that was the end of that. So, I have your basic stove. Nothing fancy but it works and I'm happy about that.

We went out for dinner for my birthday. The only person missing was Sara and that made me sad. Scott had gotten me a birthday cake from the grocery store and I thought that was so sweet of him. Everybody needs a cake for their birthday, dagnabbit! He also got me this doo-dad from Sony that lets you burn photos or video onto DVD without having to go through a PC. Cool. We have a million VHS tapes of the kids from when they were little and he wants to put them on DVD. Knock yourself out, honey.

So, another birthday has come and gone. They fly by at the speed of light and man, let me tell you, it's starting to get scary. I guess we can talk about scary when I'm celebrating my 90th.
Until then, life is good....and don't sweat the small stuff.

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Kirsty Wiseman said...

I am gutted I missed your bday - just gutted beyond words. Sorry sweet thing.
LOVING daisy, how we miss that girl - how my girl misses that girl.
We miss Rusty Pickle and Charlie Choo so much too.
Good job we have eddy to give us a DAILY reminder of how much we love you guys xx