Friday, September 12, 2008

It's happened again

Someone has tried to use our credit card and thankfully, they failed. This happened to us once before, some months ago. We got a call from our credit card company asking if we had tried to take out a cash advance for $500.00. Umm, no. We don't even know the pin number to get a cash advance. Obviously they didn't either. Nipped that one in the bud. Our card was canceled and they had to issue us another one. That was annoying. So tonight I'm sitting here wondering what I'm going to have for my dinner since my loving husband ate and didn't even ask me what I wanted. But I digress. The phone rang and it was our credit card company again and she asked me if I tried to charge $150 to a bike shop somewhere in the UK. Yeah, it's a surprise for Scott's birthday. SURPRISE!!! you have to go over and pick it up. Hey, that's one way of getting to go back to Europe. Once again our credit card company declined the charges and of course, canceled our card. Fabulous. I was hoping that Scott was going to go out this weekend and buy me a new stove for my birthday. Yes, that's right, I want a stove for my birthday. Either that or a Canon 40D camera body. But since I haven't read anything about hell freezing over or the prospect of that happening anytime soon, I pretty much have to settle for the stove. I'm not sure what's wrong with it but it's so annoying. The oven doesn't come on most of the time unless you turn the burners on full blast. And then you have to keep them on because once the oven temp goes down and it should come back on, it just won't. It's probably something fairly easy to fix, but the way our luck goes with repairmen (remember the dryer dude, BO man?) I say just buy a new one. Besides, my kitchen appliances are white now and this one is off white. Tacky, tacky, tacky. I didn't mind not having an oven during the really hot summer months but now that it's starting to cool off at night I really want to bake. Like right now....I'm looking at a recipe for vanilla bean bundt cake. mmmm!! But noooo I can't make it. (like I really need a bundt cake) They should just call them "butt" cake cuz that's right where it ends up.
Well I'm actually taking a scrapbook class tomorrow. I know, I can't believe it myself! It's a really cute Halloween countdown clipboard thingy and I'm pretty jazzed about being all crafty and stuff. With the holidays coming up at the speed of light, I really want to spend this year, the first time in over 5 years that I haven't been working all sorts of weird hours with no days off. I'm planning on taking the week of Christmas off just to be home to bake while listening to Christmas music, watch every Christmas movie ever made, make the wiener dogs wear stupid Santa hats, and just have like the ultimate O Holy Night.
Ever notice how I just sorta jump from one subject to another? I started out talking about credit card fraud, went to new stoves, and then to scrapbooks and Christmas overload. Maybe I have ADD...or ADHD...or WEIRD.

It's time to take my little walk now. Yeah, me, walking. I know, it's just so unheard of. But the other night I was really stressed about something at work and I decided to walk it off and now that it's not a thousand degrees outside I quite enjoyed it. I walked to my kids old elementary school and it brought back such memories. I spent a lot of years at that school. It made me a little sad to think that I probably don't know any of the teachers there anymore. I was a fixture at that school and I should have been picking up a paycheck for crying out loud.

Just in case you were wondering, I had macaroni with tomato sauce for dinner. No, not spaghetti sauce, just plain ol' tomato sauce mixed into macaroni. Mmmm. My dad loved that, and I inherited it from him. To my knowledge Sara is the only one of my kids who likes to eat that too. It's comfort food. Just mix it all together, add a little salt and some pepper and you're good to go. I'm just so easy to please but so much for my Weight Watcher's. Gotta be about 4985 points but it was worth it.

So I'll just end this with a little message to the idiot or idiots who are trying to use our credit card. CUT.....IT.....OUT!!!!! Go get a job and get your own credit card. A bike shop....pphhhtt. How lame is that?


Kirsty Wiseman said...

Hands up , it was me. I wanted to buy a bike for Eddy.
dammit - BUSTED!

Kidding my love, but kidding and laughing about the nastiness of it al. Who the hell does this shit?

Anonymous said...

Hi Ruth,

I am sitting at work again looking at your wonderful work of art and creative writting. YOU are indeed talented beyond belief!!! Your photos are amazing and your writting style need to seriously be published. Miss you always and thinking about you often. xo Judy