Thursday, December 04, 2008

She's Home!!!!!

Mom got to come home on her birthday. How cool is that? As we were driving home she said, " I didn't think I'd see this day." awww...bless her little heart.

Now the hard work begins. I have to take her to dialysis tonight at 7:15 and she has the first of 7 doctor appointments Friday at 3. How am I going to do all this and work? Guess that's why I woke up at 1 and then at 2 and by 4:08 I decided to just get up. Too many things on my mind. The entire time she was in the hospital this one "best friend" of hers kept telling me that she would be more than happy to sit with mom during the day and watch over her while I was at work. I must have heard this a hundred times. So... it's 8pm, just got mom settled back in her apartment and I've taken the million prescriptions to WalMart to fill and to get groceries for her. The friend had forgotten to pay her rent and mom's so could I run those checks up to the office for her. Sure...why not. I get back from Wal-Mart and as I'm making mom something to eat and getting her pills ready the friend asked me when someone is going to be over Thursday. Then she asked Kris what time he was coming over. See, the doctor only discharged mom from the hospital with the understanding that she cannot be left alone for awhile. She's too weak and she needs help just getting up from her chair or bed. So, I am going to go in to work at O'dark -thirty today and leave by 2. What else can I do? I know that if I tell Dr. Morris what's going on she will be supportive and tell me to do what I need to do, but it's my boss boss that I'm worried about. Even though the school owes me LOTS of time off in compensation time for the trip I took in August and the one in October, I have so much work to do now to get ready for the trip on January 2. BUT...there are some issues with the department not knowing when they can reimburse me for travel, meaning that I have to foot the bill for everything and who knows when I'll get THAT money back. So, I need to talk to my doc and tell her that if they can't pay for me to go...then I guess I'll be staying here. It took me over a month to get my last reimbursement and I was assured that from now on, it will be longer. Yeah, I want the school to owe me over a thousand dollars for months on end. Phhttt.
So, I'm going to see if it's at all possible to work a little from home. Take care of mom in the mornings and then go in at lunch time and work till 6 or something. I just don't know. Too much to think about right now and I'm just a little overwhelmed at the moment.
I guess my biggest fear is that she won't improve all that much and will not really be able to live alone ever again. Then what do I do? I'm honestly trying so hard not to go think about that, but it's a very real possibility.
It's 5 now...guess I'll go jump in the shower and get ready for a super long day. Wish me luck. I'm going to need it.


Amanda Cheek said...

I'm so happy to hear she's home! Hey I was thinking that maybe on some slow days here at the shop I could come here and there and sit with your mom. Maybe my mom and I can switch off sometimes... or isn't your friend LDS?? Ask her if she can ask the ladies in her ward if there anyone that can come help. I'm sure there is someone that would be willing to help you there too. Let me know! my email is!

buttercupbugs said...


I wish I was there to help you in some way. I think your story should be written up in a magazine, or you should go be on the "Today Show" I feel like forwarding your story to them to look at.......I would NOT do that without your permission, but seriously people need to hear these kind of stories if our system is to ever improve. Remember the time I needed blood taken and the technician couldn't get my vein, she handed (or threw) the needle to you and ran away. You slid that needle in my arm the first try without any pain at all. If all our healthcare professionals were as skilled and good as you we would have a good system. Hey maybe you should become a lobbyist????? You'd be great. You are not only smart but also well spoken! rant is over, I just want you to know always that you and your sweetheart Mother are in my thoughts and prayers. I love and miss you and wish I were closer to you. Please let me know how YOU are doing Ruth, being a caregiver can really take a toll to. I see it alot in my job.

I love you and miss you Ruth, think about going national with this story, there is really an important message here, and you are so good at telling it.


SUZ said...

SO glad your mommy is home! Hip, hip!