Monday, January 05, 2009

Happy New Year and Happy Birthday

Hopefully all the bad, horrible, terrible things left with 2008.  So far, (knocking on wood) this year has been uneventful.  Of course, we're only 5 days into this new year, but hells bells, I'll take anything I can.

It's ridiculously cold here tonight...we live in the desert, remember? Anything under 55 is cold. The weenie dogs are all parked in front of the fireplace, we're burning fossil fuel like no other, and we are warm and toasty in our humble abode.  Life looks pretty good right about now.

Tomorrow is my baby girl's birthday.  I wish I could post a baby picture of her but that would mean I would have to haul my butt upstairs to her photo albums, choose a picture, plug the scanner in....well, you get the idea.  Sara, I love you, but I just can't motivate myself to get up off my cozy, warmed by the fireplace couch, and do that.  

Happy Birthday my incredible daughter!!  You are (as always) the warm spot in my heart and I thank you for the most breathtaking 25 years of my life. 
Honey Mommy


SUZ said...

Happy Birthday Sara Cake! Maybe since scanning a photo in is off the table, maybe you can make CAKE a CAKE instead?! Or go buy the girl some new underwear. HA!

Amanda Cheek said...

Happy Birthday Sara! It seems like yesterday you came into the back room at lollipops and asked us to put together something special for your baby girl... Gerbera Daisies??? Do I remember that right? Ahhh the good ol days... when things were so simple... RIGHT!