Wednesday, April 29, 2009

well, shit

I'm about ready to throw my laptop in the toilet. I cannot for the life of me get this background stuff to work right. I'll PayPal someone $15 if they can fix it and keep me from having a meltdown. I'm serious. It was a quest and now I give up!!!!


buttercupbugs said...


It looks like your on your way to a very cute new look! I understand the frustration however. I spent last weekend in San Francisco trying to get a blog set up for Heather. It's still not working right and I too wanted to throw my laptop (that I had hand carried to SF) in the toilet. I'll keep checking back on yours, and also let you know when (and if) I get Heathers blog going. When I do I want you to take a peak and choose a design you like. Heather has had wrist surgery and been out of commission for months and months. But we are going to try and sell patterns, not finished art pieces. However we are making an exception for you. And this way you can look first and see what you like best.

Hope you get things worked out. As always miss you tons & think of you all the time. xoxo/Judy

Patsella said...

Wait, don't throw it in the toilet yet. LOL!