Monday, April 06, 2009

The way it was

(bad photo..yes, I know) Are these just about the cutest, weirdest little things you've ever seen? they're basically cake on a stick. How, you may ask, do you get cake to stay together on a stick without falling off? It's's an illusion. Nahhh...not really. You make a cake, crumble it up in a bowl, add some cream cheese frosting, smush it all together and mold it into the shape you want. Then you dip them in melted chocolate and then decorate. They're just too damned cute. Betina and I enjoyed a fun afternoon of creative cake ball making.
The day started off with a forced cleaning of the refrigerator and freezer in the kitchen. The fridge in the garage went Ka-blooey for good so it was crunch time to get everything inside the house before it was too late. Some things just didn't make the cut...those foil wrapped packets of "mystery meat" from 1947 had to did the Inspector Gadget popscicles from 15 years ago.

Speaking of mystery one of my co-workers offered me a taco that she had for lunch. I really didn't want it but I felt it would be rude to refuse it. It looked good, shreded meat, cilantro, onions, tomatoes, lime juice all in a homemade tortilla. I took a bite and that's when she decided to tell me that it was lamb. Uh, yeah. I realized that after the second chew. So, once again not wanting to be rude I finished eating the rest. Oh I might as well be honest, I was trapped in a room with no trash can. After gagging it down, er, finishing, she THEN decides to tell me that her mom and dad got the meat over the weekend from a street vendor in Mexico. Whaaaa??? You have GOT to be kidding me. I may not live to see the light of day. I've already kissed my children farewell, called my mother and thanked her for giving me life, and told Scott where to find my will. He already knew that but I had to be dramatic about it anyway. I think I'm going to go spend my last hours with my wiener dogs. Farewell...

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Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Seriosuly....I am in LOVE with these!!! I soooo wished I lived near you so I could have one. I am the world's worst cook and I can barely make boxed brownies!! I love the chick and the sheep the most. But you should have made a wiener one!!

Hallie :)