Wednesday, May 06, 2009

A Day Off

ya see these? they will soon be plump, juicy, sweet grapes. I don't have a grapevine in my yard
per se... I just make sure the vines from the somewhat skeetchy neighbors over our back wall make it into our yard. I mean, it's only fair. They never pick them anyway so why shouldn't we have the chance to enjoy them? Looks like this is going to be a good grape year. Last year...mmmhhh, not so much. **edited to note that I realize now I forgot to rotate the picture of the hanging grapes... grapes do not grow sideways in Nevada.**
So, I'm home today taking pictures of baby grapes. Why may you ask am I not at work slaving away? Because I worked 9 straight days in a row until 7-8pm every night and I just decided that I needed a break today. Our Williams Syndrome Clinic was a success and I had the opportunity to meet some really great families. Sara and Betina came along to help play with the kids and I think Sara has fallen in love with a few of the kids.
Anyway, I feel like hammered dog dookie today and I plan on:
A. going to the bank
B. going to the grocery store
C. nothing else
I like my plan. In fact I am totally in love with my plan and wish I could utilize this very plan more often. But until such time that I can, I will just enjoy the moment and be happy for it. :::birds chirping, angels singing:::::
It's supposed to be almost 100 degrees today....ugh. I know I should be used to this but I just can't seem to embrace the 'hotness', the total and complete agony which is Las Vegas in the summer. Yeah, I know, it's technically still spring but somehow 100 degrees in early May and the knowledge that it ain't gonna get any better until October sounds like summer to me. bleecch....freakin' hate it.
ok, I'm off to do my chores for the day and then it's home again to do nuffin. Although, I just may make another Snapfish or Shutterfly photo book. I made one for my mom for Mother's day and it turned out gorgeous. I should be getting one in the mail any day now of one I made for myself which is a ton of my favorite pictures. I think sometimes that I may never go back to making scrapbooks again. These books are so simple and easy to do, and you can add text to them if you want. Great...another craft crap item to add to my photo books.
Enjoy the day and I assure you I will do the same!

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SUZ said...

I hope you enjoyed your day off! I love you Ruth!!!!!!!