Friday, May 08, 2009

life is just so funny...but I'm not laughing

This is a close up of my right upper arm. Lovely, isn't it? Tuesday I was getting out of my car and just slightly ran into the car door. It didn't hurt all that bad, not writhing on the ground screaming in agony but within 2 hours I had this horrible knot and a ginormous bruise coming up. Now it a big way and has swollen so much I look like a body builder. Well, maybe not but it's bigger than normal lets just say that.

I had a very nice day off on Wednesday until about 8pm. That's when everything seriously went down hill. Like the fool that I am I made a double batch of chex mix and munched on it off and on all day. I started feeling a little sick but just sort of passed it off as being overly tired from all the long hours at the clinic and too much chex mix. I tried to preoccupy myself with thoughts of all the 'homey' fun things I was going to do on this long extended weekend I was taking. Yeah, well, that has all changed. I'll spare the fun details but I will say that I was sick all night long and well into the next morning. Didn't stop until about 9am yesterday. Oh what a fun night I had. So I spent the entire day...and evening, in bed recovering. What a waste of a good day. I'm feeling better today, a little shaky and I have the headache from hell but I'm sure I'm going to live now so that's good.
No....I don't have swine flu. That starts out with a cough, and other respiratory symptoms. I just had stomach flu.
So today is just staying at home. It's so hot out and I don't feel like going out shopping or anything so I'm going to relax on the couch and watch a few movies. I have already watched "Flatliners" this morning. What a stupid movie. But it was fun to see a young Kevin Bacon, Julia Roberts and Keifer Sutherland. Not much more I can say about that. I can't believe the crap they have on cable tv...and then have the nerve to charge a ridiculous amount for it. HBO, Showtime, they're all the same. Maybe that's why I don't really watch tv much anymore. But, on days like this, it's a nice comfort so I'll stop complaining.


Anonymous said...

ouch! that looks terrible. I hope you have a restful next few days and I will see you at work on Monday.You need to take care of yourself for a change. Anita

Anonymous said...

Dang sweets, that looks bad. I hope you're feeling better.