Thursday, September 10, 2009

roller coaster coupla days

Granted, this picture has nothing to do with roller coasters...I just like it.

Yesterday I had an amazing lunch with an amazing friend. We haven't seen each other in ages and I loved that we could catch up and enjoy each other's company. I hope we get to do it more often. She's one of my all time favorite people and just being around her makes me see unicorns and rainbows.
That was the up part of the roller coaster. Today was dealing with AT&T and Cox Cable. (need I say more?) gggrrr. Just a little FYI..... Do you go to FaceBook? I don't but apparently there are little pop ups like "what's your IQ?" and you click on it, take the little test and at the end it asks for your cell number so they can text your score to you. Yeah, right. What they really do is sign you up for shit you never intended to sign up for...EVER! Betina accidently did this last month and was signed up for "daily amazing facts", "daily horoscope" and "too lazy text alerts". Those are things you just KNOW you can't live without. So, at $9.99 a pop per month I was into an extra $60.00 (with tax) on my last two bills that I admit I didn't check out with a fine tooth comb cuz I just got the iPhone and I knew I had extra charges on there for that. Glad I looked at it today. I called AT&T, and what do you know, they reveresed the charges. I don't know about you, but that sounds illegal to me. Sounds like they're the ones who own "daily amazing facts" since she was all too willing to credit my account without me having to go ballistic on her hieney. Bastards. I hate them.
THEN.....I've been paying mom's cable bill for the past 3 years. Paying it online for the past 2 1/2 years. All of a sudden I can't get online to pay it, and naturally, there's no paper bill. Trying to call Cox Cable and actually speak with a human is harder than trying to get through to the DMV. I finally get a human. I tell her how when I go online to pay the bill the only account that shows up is my home and not my mother's. I tell her that since I have gone "paperless" I don't receive one in the mail. "Ma'am, I need your account number." ::heavy sigh:: "Uhh, have you not listened to what I just spent the last 5 minutes telling you? I don't have anything with my account number on it." We went back and forth for a few more minutes and then the twit said it was my fault I couldn't get online. I must have done something. She didn't elaborate much more than that, just that I must have done something. I told her the website was different and since they had changed I was unable to log on. She tells me they changed their website so yeah, I did something.
Frustration and the need to scream and grab an inhaler made me hang up the phone and call back to get someone else. After going through the 27 minutes of "Do you already have an account? If so, say 'yes' "
"yes" "I'm sorry I didn't understand that, please say 'yes' or 'no'" WHAATT???? Hello, English is my first and only can you screw up saying "yes"????????? I have no accent, I have no orthodontic appliances in my mouth, I don't have a lisp,and I wasn't chewing gum or eating Fritos...pphhtt. Anyway, a nice lady answered and was able to take care of everything lickety split. Oh for joy!

Well, after all that strife and pain I felt I deserved a treat. It's amazing what a couple of peanut butter cups an almond joy and a Dr. Pepper will do for you. That's how I roll, so don't start on me, k?

It's 9:30 pm and I have banana bread in the oven...what are you doing?

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SUZ said...

AH, warm fuzzies all over...assuming I was the only one you had lunch with on Wednesday! :) I too had such a wonderful, wonderful time. I just adore you Ruth and it made me realize how much I miss being in your presence. Maybe one day we can had a Pebb-like job again...until then I need more Nordi's lunches with my Ruth! Love you and thanks again. OH! Did you get your Google Reader all dialed in yet???