Thursday, September 24, 2009

Another year older...

ugh. but what's the alternative? Yeah, I know. So, I'll take the added number and just accept it. It was a great birthday. I have been wanting one of these...a Kindle electronic reader for a long time. p.s. That's not my hand in the picture. I've had it a little over a week and I've read two books already. I love it. It's fabulous. Thanks honey!
The weather has started to finally cool off at night. Still hotter than crap during the day, but now that the nights are cooler, I think I'll start walking again. Considering that my nightly diet has been utterly ridiculous of late. The other night I had banana bread and the remains of a bag of Fritos for dinner. Mmm, healthy.
Nothing but work and trying to organize my house lately. I'm feeling the need to simplify and declutter. Scott could not be happier about this. He hates all my 'craft crap' and yes, it takes up way too much space. No, I'm not a hoarder. I'm a collector....big difference baby!
I'm boring myself so I'm gonna get in bed and read...with my lightweight, easy to read, change the font size whenever you want, built in dictionary, reader. Later.

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