Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Great Weekend

This past weekend was the kind I wish I could have every weekend. Not much housework, and lots of stuff I always wish we had time for. We've had lots of rain this past month, more than we've had in over a year which is great! When the sun came out on Sunday we headed for the nursery to buy plants.
Nope...that's not our backyard. we were looking for a few trees to plant in the back. I was in hopes that we would get a few fruit trees but of course that didn't happen because as we all know, my husband has issues with actually spending money. Why buy this beautiful tree for $49 when you can get this container full of spindly sticks for $12? Makes complete sense to him. I was busy picking out vegetables and some flowers while he scouted out trees. We ended up getting some flowering plum trees. We cleared out a little spot in the backyard and Betina and I planted some vegetables. Of course the dogs had to come along and help. I'm sure they peed on everything the minute I came back in the house. They're sneaky like that.

Lilacs...always a favorite. I was trying to figure out how to get this in the cart without him noticing but it didn't work. Maybe I'll go back to the nursery without him one day, buy it, take it home and plant it and then when he asks where it came from I'll just say, "That? oh, that's been there for years." and see if he believes it. worked with jewelry and clothes for years, why not lilac bushes?

I have a little tradition that I started when the kids were little. I buy ladybugs every spring (If I can find them) and put them out in our rose garden to eat the aphids. I can't believe the price of ladybugs these days! I paid 8 bucks for a small container. Where do they come from? What kind of warehouse? How do you get them to stay in the little cup while you put the lid on?
it's 3am. i have to go to work in 4 hours. I'm getting too old for this insomnia crap, I'll tell you that right now. Off to go toss and turn for awhile.

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Penny Christine said...

I just laughed out loud at your expense. I'm sorry. But you write so well I could feel you frustration. I have an idea: I'm all about paperwork. I'll move to Vegas, get to see you all the time and your company can pay me to do the things you hate. I will bring with my a container of lady bugs because we have tons in our neck of the woods.