Monday, June 21, 2010

warning: doctor vent

ok, let's preface this with, "I have been married to a doctor for 30 years (in August) so I get how doctor's work." (insert eye roll here) There, now that we have that little disclaimer out of the way I'm going to go off on doctors again. Oh yes, I know I do that quite often, and I'm likely to continue to do so. Well, let me say that I really like my GI doc and my primary care doc, and oh, let's not forget my new cardiologist. So, let's move on to the new guy I saw today. The pulmonologist. Today was a waste of a $30 co-pay and time off work. I pretty much shut down when the guy was listening to my lungs through my polyester blouse. Is it really that difficult to have a patient put on a gown, or hell, even move the clothing enough to get a really good listen? I'm telling him how I cough every time I take the first bite at a meal. "Well, you're just getting over a pretty bad cold so..." "'s been happening for over a year now and has gotten worse." No response. Then his phone rings while I'm answering a question for him. He proceeds to answer the phone, cutting me off mid sentence and talks to another physician about a female patient. I'm sitting there becoming more livid by the minute and after discussing this poor woman who has multiple things going on with her at the present time, he finishes his call and doesn't even say, "sorry".
" do my pulmonary function tests look" (took those last Friday) "Did you notice in my medical records that I was just diagnosed with Primary Biliary Cirrhosis?" "Is it true that a dog's mouth is cleaner than a humans?" I didn't get a lot of answers.
I'm supposed to give my meds another 3 weeks and see if they take care of all this coughing/choking and then return to his office. We'll see. Oh....and the other day, I went to the pharmacy to pick up my refills and they wanted to charge me $90 for Advair. This stupid little "puffer" and they want ninety bucks. "We think that's fair." So I asked her how much it would cost without my wonderful insurance and she says, "210" pphhht. Let's just say that little jewel didn't come home with me. And people don't want health care reform???? Look, it's not working the way it is, something has to change. Seriously, 210 for a two-week supply of a puffer. And for those who really can't afford it they can possibly have a serious asthma episode and end up in the ER and we all know how much THAT will cost. :::shaking my head::: I just don't get it.

Changing the subject drastically...did I ever mention that I would have made the worst pioneer ever? It's so true. How hard is it grow radishes for crying out loud? Apparently pretty difficult since I can't seem to do that. I had one lemon on my tree just like last year and tonight when I went out to water my plants,it had jumped ship. My pepper plants still don't have any peppers on them,I had one green bean, my green onions are microscopic, the squash is squashed, the carrots are miniscule, the pumpkins haven't even bloomed yet, the cucumbers are lazy and refuse to grow, and the watermelons are a figment of my imagination. But...I do have tomatoes. Not a lot, and I'm not holding out any hope of them ever reaching maturity, but at least they're still hanging in there. I really suck at gardening. But then, I think we already knew that. That's what grocery stores are for my friend, and that's where I'm off to right now, to buy stuff other people get paid to grow.

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Anonymous said...

you may suck at gardening but you for sure don't suck at baking and being an all around great person.