Sunday, June 06, 2010

it's sunday night

and I think I just might live. Seriously, I was down for the count for 4 freakin' days with this crap. I'm pretty sure the only reason I'm even feeling remotely like a human being today is because my dear sweet husband made me take some Prednisone. I hate that stuff, but it's doing it's job and I actually got up out of my death bed and made vegetable soup for dinner...AND did a couple of loads of laundry. I know....unbelievable! ahh yes, better living through pharmaceuticals. Yes indeedy. That should be the name of my blog from now on since apparently I am going to be on "a few" now for the rest of my life. Fabulous. That just reminded me that I hadn't taken my nightly dose so be right back. I'm sooo not used to taking this stuff I may have to put an alarm on my iphone so I don't forget. One medication I have to take on an empty stomach and the others are with food so ugh. I hate breakfast. Loathe it in fact. But, it seems I need to make a few other changes in my life now as well. It's all good. One of the meds I take leaves a metalic I have a mouth full of quarters all the time. Just an FYI....NEVER EVER drink orange juice when your mouth already tastes like the inside of a piggy bank. Just sayin'.

Tomorrow is offically the first day of my vacation. yippy. I get to spend it at the ENT's office for a follow-up on my weird esophagus thang...and then the cardiologist. Now, doesn't that sound like THE best way to start a vacation EVER??? Of course it is. Lord...I'm turning into one of those old people I swore I would never be...the ones who constantly talk about their health problems and their lab results. Ugh. Sorry. This is just all so new to me right now I'm not sure I've really come to grips with the severity of it all. Sometimes in life it's good to have a child-like mind.

Our garage door opener went out on us the other day and we had to shell out a ridiculous amount of money to get it replaced. I hadn't really paid any attention to it until I went out in the garage today to get some stuff out of the fridge. I saw this thing and it's telling me the temperature inside our garage AND the time. Ok. That's really important. Why? Then Scott hands me the remote and it has 3 buttons on it. He looks at me with a look I can only describe as "surrender" and says,
"You just push the *1*." "Ok, what are the other two for?" "Bigger garages than ours." "So why couldn't we just get your basic garage door opener?" well, the conversation kinda went downhill from there. Apparently I hit a nerve. I tend to do that alot, huh?

Oh, and it's 109 in our garage right now.

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