Friday, July 30, 2010

Right Now

Right now:

it's 107 degrees in my garage

it's almost that hot in my kitchen

i'm making snickerdoodles

my knees really hurt

i have cinnamon and sugar on my neck

my husband is having dinner with his family

i don't think i'm having dinner tonight cuz i'm not hungry

my son is upstairs playing the guitar

one of my dogs just made a huge mess on the floor after getting a drink of water

i'm super sleepy

i'm almost to the next level in "We Rule"

my house smells like Christmas

the wind is blowing (no surprise there)

my contacts are starting to bug me

i think i may have a few snickerdoodles for dinner and call it a night

i can't remember where my card reader is for my digital camera and I reallllly need to empty it

my dogs are begging for cookies

i'll probably give them one

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