Friday, September 03, 2010


this is not a new self portrait...although I'm feeling about this large, and this attractive. Lots of swelling in my legs and after yet another doctor appointment yesterday which proved that NONE of my doctors are taking this swelling seriously. I don't even want to get into is.
Back to Jabba
I made a peach cobbler the other night and it pretty much looked exactly like JTH. I even said that as I peaked into the oven and saw it oozing out of the baking dish onto the cookie sheet. "Whoa, what the hell? That think looks sorta like JTH." Thank goodness I had the common sense to put it on a cookie sheet or I would be shopping for a new oven right about now. That would have been my excuse to Scott. "Honey, it's totally ruined, we'll just have to get a new one." I wouldn't have wanted to even attempt chiseling that crap off. As it was, I had to soak the whole thing in the sink for hours because the baking dish would not release itself from the cookie sheet. Let that be a lesson to all of you...some recipes are not made to be doubled. I've made this peach cobbler recipe for about 127 years with no problems, and the one stinkin' time I try to double it cuz I have some truly magnificent peaches....this is what I get. I've never quite understood why that happens. Not me screwing things up, pphhtt, I can do that any time of the day or, I mean the doubling of a recipe. I could have made two batches and combined them and they would have had the same amount of ingredients in what's the diff? Must be some sort of magic scientific thing. Yeah, that's probably it.
My ego is bruised,my bakeware will never be the same, and I wasted some incredibly delicious peaches. Life is so unfair sometimes.

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