Thursday, July 26, 2007

Freaky Factoid #2

I love hearts. I love anything that's in the shape of a heart and I'm always on the lookout for a new one. This is a necklace I've had for many years. It started with charms and earrings. I would have a really cool pair of heart shaped earrings and then I would lose one. I'd be bummed and not one to throw things away I'd keep them in my jewelry box. After amassing a huge amount of heart shaped objects I thought it was really a shame to just keep them tossed into a box and never really enjoy them. I put them on a long chain, making a mega-humungoid necklace. It's not something your really want to wear too often since people can hear you coming a mile away. But, I love it. Some of the charms are antiques and love looking at them. If anybody can think of a better way to display them, gimme a holler...while I love the necklace it's just a titch too noisy to wear.
So, there's my second obsession....collecting hearts.


Sandy said...

this is a beautiful necklace. What a clever way to display your beauties. Why have I never seen you wear it? :)

funkitup said...

Girl, I say you "work it on the runway!" Ain't no reason why the world shouldn't hear you are such a breath of fresh air, I would think they would be thrilled to hear Ruth walk through the door!

But if you are not liking that about a few others?
1. Find a small dresser manequin and hot glue until you run out of hearts...Display on vanity or foyer.
2. Dangle them from curtains or the tie back on your curtains.
3. White shadow box frames
Linen background (ivory)
Heart shape in each shadow box out of your collection of hearts!
4. Edge of a pillow
5. My tiles with the kids pics(check out my blog-you know what I am talking about!)
Love Ya! Kim(Annabelle's mom)