Saturday, August 18, 2007

Sunsets and head colds

This is the "fire in the sky" that was our sunset last night. The clouds rolled in, thunder rolled and lightning flashed. I was so in hopes that we were going to have a spectacular light show not to mention some much needed rain. We had the most gentle whisper of rain and then it was gone. But, we were left with a gorgeous sunset nonetheless.
I've been sick with a nasty head cold for the past few days. It brought me to my knees on Thursday and I'm feeling alright one minute and then blech the next. The asthma and coughing are the worst I think. I think my husband is about to shoot me from lack of sleep. I tend to cough up a spleen at night time for some reason. I'm hoping to wake up feeling 1,000 times better by tomorrow. (wishful thinking) I'm behind on my HS-MS prompts and I'm not going to even attempt to catch up. I think I'll just start back up with today and try to go from here.'s word is FLY. I love angels and I couldn't decide on which one to use so I put both of them up.


Diana said...

Het welcom back - that's a really cute 'fly'. Di X

Kate said...

Love the sunset, assume you are not in the UK if you are needing rain!!

Rachael said...

Those angels are so cute I love the pink photograph so girly.

Eleanor said...

sorry you've been poorly, is it possible/probable you were trying to do too much? I do hope you wake on Monday refreshed and on the mend.
The metalwork angel is utterly delightful.

Brigitta said...

love love love those angels!!!

pokettiger said...

Love your fly photos!