Thursday, December 06, 2007

The Best of Intentions

Sara was home last weekend for just a couple of days and I had every intention of getting the kids together to take pictures for my Christmas card. Perfect opportunity, right? Wrong. It just didn't happen. I'm not quite sure how it happened, or didn't happen in this case, but there were no pictures Christmas or otherwise taken. So I'm left rummaging through photos to see if there's something I could use before Scott decides it's more trouble than it's worth and runs down to the neighborhood grocery store where he spotted some cheap boxed cards. He's been bugging me for weeks with, "What are we going to do for Christmas cards?" I'm not sure when it was exactly that he got interested in sending cards out. I used to painstakingly hand cut and paper piece all our Christmas cards but it just got to be too much when you're sending out over a hundred per year. I go for the extremely easy and cheap cards that say, "I don't really care to send the very best" (remember the slogan for Hallmark? "When you care enough to send the very best")
This picture of the kids was taken in 1990. It seems like just a few short years ago. Jeff has certainly got a death grip on Kristopher's arm. Actually, it looks like he's pinching him. hhhmm,never noticed that before. I wonder if it's too late to put him in time out for that? And by the amount of the slobber pouring out of Kris' mouth the poor little guy must have been teething, or the pain from both siblings pinching and holding him down. I'm not going to even comment on Sara's hair. I never said I was a hair stylist and Lord have mercy, this proves it. Poor kid probably could have benefitted from some therapy after this photo shoot. Frankly, I'm surprised she still talks to me.

Funny thing....I remember that night as though it just happend a week ago. I fed the kids an early dinner and ran around like a crazy woman getting Sara and Jeff dressed. I'm sure it took me hours to do her hair. Ok, I'll shut up about the hair. I didn't get Kris dressed up until after we got to the photo studio because I was afraid he w0uld get dirty. Kris didn't really want to sit still for the photographer and that's why his brother and sister were holding him down so tightly. It took quite a long time to get this shot and let me say that after that lovely experience, I never took the kids to have their portraits taken again for 8 years. There's only so much a mother can take, you know?

So...maybe I'll do a blast from the past and send this out as our Christmas card this year. Could be that some people just don't get it and think that I've lost what little is left of my mind. I'll have to think about it. I kind of like the thought of "Christmas Past" we'll see. Or....there's always the wiener dogs.

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