Monday, December 17, 2007

Today's burning question

Tis the season....for family newsletters. I suppose my life and the lives of my family are just way too mundane and boring to actually sit down and write an entire Christmas newsletter about them. For example, how would you like to receive this in your Christmas card....

Hi everyone,
I can't believe it's time to update you on what's been happening in our household this year!

Scott goes to work everyday and comes home to sit on the couch and watch tv until time to go to bed. Sometimes he mixes it up and falls asleep and I have to wake him up when dinner is ready. That crazy guy!

I go to work everyday and drive home at night asking myself, "Why am I doing this?" I then go home to make dinner, clean the kitchen, go to bed only to wake up in the morning and do the same thing over again....and again...and again.

Sara is working.....Jeff is in school and working....Kris is in school....Betina is working....and the dogs are still barking and rooting me out of the bed at night.
That's about it.

So...lest you think I'm jealous of all the "Morty is going off to Indian Guide School" or "Bunny is doing a little on the job training as a brain surgeon", and "Smitty just got a patent for his 'new and improved' Whack-a-Mole game" I just want to say that I usually find newsletters nothing but pretentious. Bragging, more bragging, and then topped off with a little more bragging. "We bought our own plane this summer to avoid having to actually interact with people at the airport and oh my, what a difference it has made for our vacations!!" "Winifred and I decided to jet off to Paris for lunch last week. I just love her spontaneity!!!"
Anyway, we received two newletter/Christmas cards in the mail today and I swear, I had to say outloud, "Why in the world would you want to tell anyone this?" One made mention of a son who lost his scholarship and moved back home. I mean, save what dignity the kid has left and say something like, "Rocko is making some changes in where he wants his life to go and has asked for our input." (read: no money, needs a place to crash and someone to do his laundry)
Then we read about how the daughter gained a lot of weight but has made it her goal to lose at least 80 pounds by summer. Umm, yea. Guess I can cross them off the list of those to send a Christmas goodie basket to. Then there was the loss of a job by totally messing up and getting fired. C'mon freaking embarrassing is that? Sheesh. And then there was the daughter who left home to live with some guy she met on the internet. No...I'm not making any of these up. It's Christmas so let's air our dirty laundry for everyone to see. Now I ask you, what am I supposed to say when and if I ever see any of these people? I just don't get it, I really don't. I can say with complete and utter certainty that if I EVER said something like that about my daughter, she would not only never speak to me again, but I'm sure I'd be getting the bill for her intense therapy that would ensue after everyone she knows in the entire world gets wind of how disappointed we are in her.
Am I afraid either one of these people will see this blog? Not really...and if by chance they do maybe they'll take us off their Christmas Newsletter list and I won't have to be embarrassed for them again. There, I said it. I don't wanna hear how your daughter got pregnant and doesn't know who the father is any more than I want to hear about how you bought your second house in Hawaii and we simply MUST come visit some time, darling. Just wish me and mine a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and be done with it. Christmas newsletters....baahhh humbug!!!

Having said that, I apologize in advance for the Christmas cards we sent out this year. Scott did end up buying some drastically reduced cards at the grocery store and they are just horrible. But, it was left up to him this year and since he was the one to address them, maybe people will say, "Hmm, looks like Ruth had Scott do the cards this year." Bless his heart.

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Amanda Cheek said...

Oh my goodness sake Ruth... You are sooo funny! I laughed out loud at you. I totally agree. I don't get it eather... Just say Merry Christmas and get over it. Nobody wants to hear the gorry details. Amen Sister!