Sunday, March 09, 2008

Did I tell you I hate Daylight Saving Time?

And a little's not 'savingS'. I hate DST. With a freakin' passion. I woke up at 6am this morning and for some unknown ridiculous reason, I remembered that we hadn't "sprung forward" before going to bed (get your mind outta the gutter) and it was really 7am. Criminy...I lost an hour. I want it right this very second.
Did ya'll know that Benjamin Franklin came up with the idea for DST? Oh Ben, Ben, Ben...what WERE you thinking?
So, all day today I would look at the clock and say, "2:34, well, it's REALLY 1:34" I hate it when I do that. Not to mention that it took us about 47 minutes to change all the clocks around the house and in our cars. Thank God the cell phones and computers are smart enough to change themselves, or we'd still be working on that. "Saving" my hind leg...and how pray tell are we saving daylight? One hour...whoop-de-doo. And why can't the "spring forward" one fall on a day when I work so I can leave an hour earlier? Not that it would really matter I guess since I wouldn't get paid for it. Just one more DST thing to complain about. I feel cheated and it takes me a good two weeks to get used to the new time change. Is it bed time yet? It's 9:30...or is it?

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Anonymous said...

I hate the time change too.