Sunday, March 09, 2008

unpremeditated photos (random pics)

This is Rusty's new best friend and favorite toy. It really wasn't supposed to be for him or any of the other wiener dogs. I bought it to send to Sara with her Easter basket. Yes, I still give my kids Easter baskets and I'm not ashamed!
It sorta kinda looked like this in the beginning, but better. It was cute and soft...clean and not sticky with dog spit. Oh, and it had all it's stuffing on the inside. Now it looks like a snowstorm hit the backyard. Sorry Sara, but Rusty is in love with this chicken. He had to jump up on the dining table to get it, so you know he REALLY wanted it. hehe.

We had some horrible wind gusts yesterday. So bad that one of our neighbors lost this pretty little flowering plum tree. I'm not sure if they can save it or not since it's still just plopped over like that today and they don't seem to be in any hurry to try and fix it. We didn't have any wind today so that meant that I had the pleasure of going through all the kid's old baby clothes we had in the garage to dry out from the water heater leak and rewash them and then pack them back up in big PLASTIC storage bins. I think Scott would have been happier if I had just tossed them into the garbage can, but I just couldn't do that. I got everything put away, packed up all the dolls and other momentos from the kids lives and got them back in the little storage cubby. Such a fun way to spend a gorgeous day.

Awww, spring is definitely here. I love seeing these trees all around our neighborhood. The windy day we had yesterday tore the petals off most of the trees but I found this one still intact and loved standing there taking pictures and smelling the beautiful fragrance. Thank God the bees hadn't found this particular tree just yet. Usually they're buzzing all around and scaring the crap outta me.

I went to the Bellagio this morning in hopes of getting some photos in the conservatory, but they were in the process of changing "themes" and so I was out of luck. Dadgumit, I drove 20 minutes to get the the Strip and no pictures. I hung around for a little while, walked outside and took this picture of the Eiffel Tower at the Paris Hotel. See what a beautiful day it was?

I'm home alone for the time being...just me and the dogs. Scott went to a birthday party with his parents. I'm sure they're shocked and appalled that I didn't go, but I think I've seen this gentleman about 4 times in my entire life so I really didn't feel it was that important that I go. Kris and I picked Betina up from work and then we went out for dinner. They left to go out with friends as soon as we got back and that leaves just me and the fur kids. Yippy! I could run around naked if I was so inclined. I can eat straight out of the ice cream carton and no one would know. I can actually watch what *I* want to on tv. I can go to the bathroom and not close the door. I can take up the entire couch. Or, I can just sit here at the computer, dogs sleeping all around me and enjoy the peace and quiet. I really would like to take a long shower, but I haven't been able to shower without having someone in the house since I saw Psycho as a small child. Funny how something like that sticks with you for the better part of your life. When I was in college and lived in a dorm we had this huge shower room/bathroom for our entire floor to use. I hated taking a shower at night before going out on a date. Having to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night was no fun either. Aww, those were the days...creepy laundry room down in the basement, huge horror movie type bathroom upstairs with thin whispy shower curtains that moved with the slightest breeze in the room. It was cold too..brrr, I remember how cold it was in the winter and with it being in Colorado, we had plenty of cold weather. Oh, and if you used the bathroom when someone was in the shower you were supposed to yell, "FLUSH" before you did so the showering person could plant themselves against the wall and hopefully get out of the way of the scalding water that gushed out when the toilets would flush. Aww, good times in college, good times.
Ok, time to grab the ice cream and a spoon before the rest of the fam-damily gets back.

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Anonymous said...

I love to come to your blog and see all the new pictures you have. I think you are a good photographer and you're funny too.